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MTG Karlov Manor lands spike by up to 120% in release week

The surveil land cycle from new Magic: The Gathering set Murders at Karlov Manor are beating expectations, jumping in price during launch week.

MTG karlov manor art showing a hedgemaze

The rare land cycle released in MTG Murders at Karlov Manor is performing far better than expected, and these cards are jumping up in price as a result. The most expensive of the bunch, Undercity Sewers, has more than doubled in value since the set came out on February 9, going from $4.90 to $10.70 (prices from MTG Goldfish). Meanwhile, the Izzet land Thundering Falls is up to $9.70 from $4.50.

These MTG land cards have seen success in the Modern MTG format. While at first they seem quite similar to the scrying temples, they are far, far better for two reasons. Firstly, in most cases surveil is a massive upgrade on scry. It lets you filter cards out of your deck, and fill your graveyards for future shenanigans.

MTG karlov manor card Raucous Theatre

More importantly, the surveil lands have the basic land types, which means they can be summoned up with the Fetch lands. That’s a big deal, and it’s what’s making them viable in MTG Modern right now.

Here’s the full list of these Murders at Karlov Manor cards, in order of current price. As you can see, the colors that touch blue and black, those most likely to care about surveilling and the graveyard, are faring the best.

  • Undercity Sewers: blue-black
  • Thundering Falls: red-blue
  • Underground Mortuary: green-black
  • Meticulous Archive: white-blue
  • Hedge Maze: blue-green
  • Shadowy Backstreet: black-white
  • Raucous Theatre: red-black
  • Elegant Parlor: red-white
  • Commercial District: red-green
  • Lush Portico: green-white

For reference, everything below Hedge Maze is still under $5 right now, but pretty much all of the rare lands from this MTG set are rising in price. The highest cost lands on this list may be dictated by what Modern decks are popular right now (and which can afford another tapped land). Any slower decks or decks that care about the new graveyard can make great use of these.

MTG karlov manor card Undercity SewersRight now, it seems Murktide Regent and Yawgmoth have fully adopted the new land cards, for instance, boosting the price of the red-blue and green-black lands respectively. As for the Dimir MTG color combination, it might be that this card’s price bump has a different source.

The latest batch of MTG Commander precons included a blue-black Surveil deck that did not include Undercity Sewers. That’s such a no-brainer of an upgrade that it’s likely anyone with Revenant Recon now wants this land.

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