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MTG Modern Horizons 3 commanders revealed

The Modern Horizons 3 commanders have some crazy mechanics, from energy clones to shapeshifter counters - check out all four of the precons' face cards.

MTG Modern Horizons 3 has the strangest precon commanders we’ve ever seen. Seriously, from two Eldrazi titans stitched together, to Lhurgoyf tribal, to ‘everything counters’, these guys have to be seen to be believed.

Firstly, let’s look at the Eldrazi. Wizards has already revealed two new Eldrazi cards for Modern Horizons 3, one Ulamog and one Kozilek. Ulalek, Fused Atrocity seems to be the result of some unholy merging of the two, creating the five color MTG commander of the upcoming deck, Eldrazi Incursion.

This card’s ability can be hard to get your head around, since it operates using the dreaded MTG Stack. We’ll leave it for brainier brewers to figure out all the crafty stuff you can do with it. From what we can see though, you could use this ability to copy the cast triggers of your big Eldrazi titans. You could also make use of the MTG Flash keyword, leaving some valuable spells on the stack, then flashing in an Eldrazi to copy them.

Disa the Restless makes Tarmogoyf tokens, creatures that have the same ability as the card Tarmogoyf. They have power equal to the number of card types in all graveyards, and toughness equal to that number plus one.

If you wanted a deck based around Lhurgoyfs, Graveyard Overdrive, led by Disa, is it. This commander can cheat these iconic creatures onto the battlefield whenever you mill them.

Satya, Aetherflux Genius looks pretty normal at first, but our eyes glaze over each time we try to read the text, so perhaps he secretly has Shroud? No, in fact what he does is make attacking token copies of other creatures you control, while gaining you energy. If you can pay energy equal to the creature’s mana cost, you get to keep the clone.

Energy fans are having a good 2024. After nothing for years, they’ve now had two energy Commander precons to enjoy in five months. We’ll have to see if fans prefer the new one, Creative Energy, to the previous Fallout deck.

Finally, we have Omo, Queen of Vesuva. Magic Loremasters, or speedy Googlers, may know that Vesuva is an island of shapeshifters on the MTG plane of Dominaria. She puts these strange ‘everything’ tokens onto lands and creatures.

Lands affected this way gain every land type (presumably including Urza’s – for Tron shenanigans). Creatures affected this way gain every MTG creature type. Who knows what sorts of shenanigans the Tricky Terrain deck will pull off with this. I’ll tell you what I’m going to do with this card, though. I’m going to turn creatures into Salamanders.

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