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MTG Wilds of Eldraine story introduces trio of witchy villains

The first MTG Wilds of Eldraine story article sets up the main conflict of the set, introducing us to our hero, and three nasty witches.

MTG Wilds of Eldraine a knight walking off the path following willow wisps

The first MTG Wilds of Eldraine story articles are here, setting up the key conflicts, and the key villains, of the upcoming MTG set. Kellan, a young half-fae boy, is the hero of the piece, and he’s got to slay a group of three witches to break the sleeping curse that has half Eldraine’s residents fast asleep.

This quest is given to Kellan by Talion, a fae who we were previously told helped start off the curse afflicting this Magic: The Gathering plane. But Talion tells him that “Witches three have this land with slumber plagues”, so perhaps this fairy is going to be revealed as a secret villain – or perhaps it’s that the witches have caused the curse to go out of control.

Anyway, there are three witches referenced in the story, and we’d be surprised if all three don’t feature as Legendary creatures in Wilds of Eldraine. There’s Agatha the Hungry “in search of heroes to eat”. We’ll be shocked if she’s not a green-black food themed creature.

Then there’s Cruel Hylda “who has taken winter’s crown for her own”. Sounds like Eldraine’s Snow Queen stand-in, and certainly a blue creature – perhaps with a tapping effect like the card Queen of Ice.

Finally, we hear of “the beguiling Eriette”, found “wherever there are lovers and lords”. We’re not sure what color or effect her card will have – but she does feature on one of the earliest pieces of art we saw for this set.

Eldraine spoilers don’t start for another week, but we’ve already had Mark Rosewater’s teaser that gives us some insight into what’s coming in this set. We’re keeping an eye on the story articles as they come out this week too. Already, we’ve met Ruby (Little Red Riding Hood) and her brother, the Wolf Knight.

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