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In strip Magic: The Gathering you have to lose clothes to win

A fan has made Magic: The Gathering approximately 300% sexier by inventing strip Magic: The Gathering, a custom set with new cards and mechanics

Magic: The Gathering artwork of long-legged Elesh Norn

Even though Elesh Norn is following in Lady Dimitrescu’s (much desired) footsteps as a tall monster woman that online folks are thirsty for, Magic: The Gathering is not really known as a particularly sexy game. One fan has stepped up to change all that, however, creating raunchy new MTG cards for strip Magic: The Gathering, that merge the game’s rules with taking your clothing off.

Using artwork that is mostly far too inappropriate to show here, Reddit user Powernoel has created a total of 16 cards for their strip Magic set designed, they say, “to play with your significant other” (though we see no reason it wouldn’t work in multiplayer MTG Commander games too.)

According to its creator, the set has a few new mechanics – mainly focused around “paying clothing to activate abilities or spells” and “evasion across various pieces of clothing”. They’ve even made a new symbol to represent clothing, that puts us in mind of the energy or stickers mechanics.

Creatures in the work in progress strip MTG set include Distracted Beserker, which can be bounced back to its owner’s hand if a player pays clothing, and Habile Poledancer, which gives creatures you control Topwalk and Pantswalk (can’t be blocked by players wearing either outer layer). There’s even a creature card that has protection from a player as long as you know what colour their underwear is.

Though of course we would never condone such heinous filth, it’s all done pretty creatively. Magic: The Gathering is now a sex board game! Now how long before someone makes it a drinking card game?

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