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Unique Secret Lair MTG cards revealed as Magic Con prizes

Wizards of the Coast has revealed MTG cards with unique art which you can win at Magic events next year - so long as you're good at Modern.

MTG card Dark Ritual - art with a woman with a demonic skull on her head.

Wizards of the Coast has revealed the Secret Lair Showdown MTG cards for 2024. These are prize cards, reprints with unique artwork, that will be awarded to tournament participants at four separate MagicCons.

There’s one card being given out to all participants, and another to those who make it through the qualifier events into the tournament proper. Then there’s a final card that will only go to winners – presumably meaning that only four copies will be made in total. That’s one rare MTG card!

These rare MTG Secret Lair cards will be given out at events throughout 2024, starting with MagicCon Chicago next February, which comes out the same month as Murders at Karlov Manor.

The participant award is a copy of the MTG counter spell Spell Pierce, which for some reason seems to have a Warhammer 40k Eldar Harlequin on the front. The qualifier award is a copy of Murktide Regent with unique art that makes him seem very regal indeed. This MTG dragon is valuable in the Modern format for its Delve ability.

Finally, the prize card given only to tournament winners is a unique copy of Dark Ritual, with great colorful artwork and a character that looks like they come from Adventure Time (I wonder if that would work as a Universes Beyond SL).

Modern is the MTG format chosen for the Secret Lair Showdown. In which case, this seems a slightly odd selection of prize cards. As mentioned, Murktide Regent is a Modern card, but Spell Pierce is Standard legal, and Dark Ritual an EDH card.

We have to say, none of the unique art on these prize cards is as cute as the kitty cat Jace Beleren that pro tour qualifiers get next year.

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