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MTG’s Mishra and Urza fight to be most expensive card in Brothers’ War

The most expensive MTG card in The Brothers' War is Urza... unless it's Mishra - the brothers are battling it out to be the set's highest-priced card

MTG Urza and Mishra face off against one another

MTG’s Mishra and Urza are locked in some kind of ‘Brothers’ War’ to be the most expensive card in their set. Right now Urza, Lord Protector and Mishra, Claimed by Gix are the chase cards in November’s set The Brother’s War, valued at $39 and $35 respectively. Using price data from MTG Goldfish we can see the siblings’ rivalry writ large on the battlefield of the secondary market.

Prior to The Brothers’ War’s release, Urza was valued way above Mishra, but this price crashed long before the set came out on November 18. It’s since gradually climbed up to a point comparable to its pre-release, speculative value – but meanwhile Mishra saw a dramatic spike, from $15 on November 18 to $50 just two days later. The two cards were neck and neck by the end of November, each priced $40, though Urza has since clinched the lead.

As pointed out by users in a Reddit thread discussing the duelling cards, Mishra’s price may have been affected by the card’s appearance in a recent episode of the Command Zone. In the episode – which has 600k views at time of writing – Mishra, Claimed by Gix, piloted by The Professor from Tolarian Community College, outpaced the other players. The episode released on November 16, and within days the card’s price shot up.

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The cards, which depict the main characters from The Brothers’ War, are each notable for featuring the Meld mechanic, which allows them to combine with artifacts to form the ultimate Urza planeswalker, or Phyrexian Mishra. They’re currently the most expensive cards within The Brothers’ War MTG set, though it’s unlikely their price has settled for good.

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