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Pokémon TCG Pocket release date estimate and news

We’re keeping our eyes peeled for a full Pokémon TCG Pocket release date, but for now, here’s everything we know about the upcoming app.

Pokemon TCG Pocket trailer image of the app

Pokémon TCG Pocket promises to be a shiny and streamlined way to play the iconic trading card game. Announced in 2024, the free-to-play app boasts impressive art and the ability to crack booster packs with a swipe of your finger. But what do we know about the game so far? And when is the Pokémon TCG Pocket release date, anyway? We’re here to with all the latest updates .

Given how recently this digital trading card game was announced, we don’t have too much info to share just yet. We don’t know every Pokémon TCG expansion that’ll be included, and we’re not sure how likely we are to pull a rare Pokémon card. But we’ll be updating this guide with every snippet of new info that gets revealed.

Here’s everything we know about Pokémon TCG Pocket:

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Pokémon TCG Pocket release date estimate

The official Pokémon website says that the Pokémon TCG Pocket release date will be sometime in 2024. Other than that, we don’t know exactly when our phones will offer a new way to catch ‘em all. We’ll be updating this guide as soon as there’s news, so be sure to check back in at a later date.

What is Pokémon TCG Pocket?

Pokémon TCG Pocket is a new app for Pokémon card collecting which will be available on iOS and Android devices. According to the official announcement trailer, PTCGP is “a new digital format” which “lets you easily collect Pokémon cards”.

It’s being developed by original Pokémon TCG developer Creatures Inc., as well as mobile e-commerce company DeNA Co. Ltd. The latter of these two companies previously worked on Pokémon Masters, Mario Kart Tour, and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

This free card game lets you open two booster packs every day for no cost (with more presumably available as in-app purchases). As well as many of the best Pokémon cards already in the TCG, the app will also apparently feature “brand-new cards that are exclusive to Pokémon Trading Card Game Pocket.”

The announcement trailer says we can expect to see our favorite cards with “brilliant colors and stylish effects”. The ‘immersive cards’, one of Pokémon TCG Pocket’s flagship features, look even more impressive. These appear to expand a card’s art to “give players the experience of leaping into the world of the card illustration”.

It seems like Pokémon TCG Pocket is mainly aimed at collectors, with Pokémon TCG Live designed to serve those who actually want to play. However, the new app will come with play options.

In the announcement trailer from February 2024, Creatures Inc. CEO Yuji Kitano says “we’ve developed new streamlined game rules based on our existing Battle system so you can enjoy a quick battle during the free moments in your day”. We can expect smaller, faster Battles, it seems. But there’s not much more information on how to play Pokémon cards in the new app just yet.

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