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The most valuable Pokémon Ex cards in the TCG

There are plenty of rare Pokémon Ex cards that TCG collectors should keep an eye out for - here’s a list to help you start hunting.

Art of Charizard from Pokemon Ex card, M Charizard Ex

Pokémon Ex cards shook up the TCG scene when they arrived in 2003. With higher HP, stronger attacks, their own evolution paths, and a variety of synergies, they brought something new. Many are now prized, but it’s for their rarity rather than their battle prowess. If you’re curious about the most valuable Pokémon Ex cards, you’ve come to the right place – here’s a handy list.

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Giratina Ex Set Get Promo

The glitziest Giratina of all – and a very pricey Pokémon Ex card.

Today’s best deals
Giratina Ex Set Get Promo specifications:
Set BW-P Promotional cards
Type Dragon
Card number 146/BW-P
Estimated value $12,000
Reasons to buy
  • Extremely rare and valuable
  • Gorgeous, sparkly art
Reasons to avoid
  • Comes with a very high price tag
  • Copies only made in Japanese

Unsurprisingly, the most expensive Pokémon Ex cards are all promotional cards. One of the most prized is the Giratina Ex Set Get promo, a Japan-only card released in 2012. Apparently, only 1,000 copies of this card exist.

As well as its rarity, the card comes with some beautiful alternative art of Giratina. It’s textured and glittery, and it’d be a shining star in any collection. You’ll need to be rolling in cash if you want to own one, though. One recent eBay sale saw a PSA 10 copy of the card listed for $12,000.

Pikachu Ex 20th Anniversary

Another highly prized Japanese-only Pokémon Ex card.

Today’s best deals
Pikachu Ex 20th Anniversary specifications:
Set Expansion Pack 20th Anniversary
Type Lightning
Card number 094/087
Estimated value $1,800
Reasons to buy
  • Vibrant art of one of Pokémon’s most beloved characters
  • As valuable as it is beautiful
Reasons to avoid
  • Beauty comes at a high, high price

As part of Pokémon’s 20th anniversary celebrations, the Evolutions Pokémon TCG expansion returned to the game’s first generation of Pocket Monsters. In Japan, the Expansion Pack 20th Anniversary set did the same thing, presenting updated versions of cards from Base Set.

One such card from the Japanese set is Pikachu Ex 20th Anniversary, an electrifying full art card featuring Ash’s best buddy. Electabuzz and Jolteon can be seen in the background, providing backup to their lightning-charged friend.

A graded copy of this card can sell for thousands of dollars, so this is another card to chase if you’re a hardcore collector. But if you’re on a budget, this might not be the Pokémon Ex card for you.

Charizard Ex 2016 Art Collection Promo

The first of many expensive Pokémon Ex cards that feature Charizard.

Today’s best deals
Charizard Ex 2016 Art Collection Promo specifications:
Set XY-P Promotional cards
Type Fire
Card number 030/XY-P
Estimated value $1,000
Reasons to buy
  • A rare promotional card
  • Dynamic art of everyone’s favorite fire Pokémon
Reasons to avoid
  • Not as prized as some Charizard cards
  • Can still cost you thousands of dollars

Everyone loves Charizard Pokémon cards, and everyone appreciates a rare promotional card. It’s no wonder, then, that the Charizard Ex 2016 Art Collection Promo is so highly valued. Copies currently available on eBay go for as much as two or three thousand dollars.

The famous face on the card and its awesome art will add a lot of sentimental value, too. Here we see Charizard battling another fully evolved starter Pokémon, Venusaur. It’s an action-packed and still somehow adorable scene.

Umbreon Ex

If you can’t afford a Gold Star Umbreon, this Pokémon Ex card is a solid backup.

Today’s best deals
Umbreon Ex specifications:
Set Unseen Forces
Type Dark
Card number 112/115
Estimated value $430
Reasons to buy
  • An extremely popular Pokémon
  • Plenty of sentimental and financial value
Reasons to avoid
  • Not the best art of Umbreon

Umbreon cards are always highly sought after, likely due to how beloved the Pokémon is. The Umbreon Ex card is no different – harder to pull and stronger to play than your regular Umbreons, it’s naturally going to have some value.

Charizard Ex

The first ever Pokémon Ex card featuring Charizard.

Today’s best deals
Charizard Ex specifications:
Set EX FireRed & LeafGreen
Type Fire
Card number 105/112
Estimated value $400
Reasons to buy
  • An important part of Charizard’s history in the TCG
  • Wonderful art of a popular Pokémon
Reasons to avoid
  • Overshadowed by a lot of stronger, more valuable Charizard cards

The Ex FireRed & LeafGreen expansion released in 2004, and with it came the very first Charizard Ex card. It’s no longer a particularly competitive card, and it’s far from the most valuable Charizard card in history. However, it’s still pretty rare,

It was an important stepping stone for the Charizard cards of today. And we still love the glittery, hyper-vibrant art of this incredibly beloved Pokémon. We must not be alone, as copies still sell for a pretty penny.

Gengar Ex

A much-loved Pokémon ex card from FireRed & LeafGreen

Today’s best deals
Gengar Ex specifications:
Set EX FireRed & LeafGreen
Type Psychic
Card number 108/112
Estimated value $250
Reasons to buy
  • Rare card of a popular Pokémon
  • A more achievable price for budget collectors
Reasons to avoid
  • Not a particularly competitive card
  • Not our favorite art of Gengar

Another glittering gem from the FireRed & LeafGreen set is Gengar Ex. These older cards aren’t too numerous, so a well-preserved copy could be worth several hundred dollars. That’s still a lot of money, but it’s a bit more budget-friendly than hunting cards from the base set.

We love Gengar, and we can understand why you’d want to own all card forms of them. But purely from the point of personal taste, we don’t love how Gengar looks in this 3D style. The holofoil is nice, and that adds to the value, but there are prettier Pokémon Ex cards out there.

M Charizard Ex

A Pokémon Ex card that’s Mega in every way

Today’s best deals
M Charizard Ex specifications:
Set Flashfire
Type Dragon (X) / Fire (Y)
Card number 108/106 (X) / 107/106 (Y)
Estimated value $90 (Y) / $175 (X)
Reasons to buy
  • Unique, impressive art
  • A more achievable price for budget collectors
Reasons to avoid
  • Ambitious collectors may prefer a more valuable or iconic Charizard card

If you want a Pokémon Ex card you might actually play (instead of gaze lovingly at from behind its protective plastic), M Charizard Ex isn’t a bad choice. It’s not the best choice right now (especially when Tera Charizard Ex exists), but it’s far from a bad one. Mega Ex cards are, after all, some of the biggest and beefiest hitters of all Pokémon cards.

Regardless of how many games it’ll win you, M Charizard Ex is undeniably beautiful. The colors are striking, the dragon looks glossy, and the Japanese script gives it some extra pop. Oh, and there are two equally gorgeous versions to collect, one X and one Y. The X version seems to have the slight edge in terms of value, if you’re interested.

Pokemon Ex card, M Charizard Ex (Y)

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