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You have three days to get DnD books cheap in Roll20 sale

Virtual tabletop Roll20 has a bunch of DnD books discounted for a limited time - the sale includes RPG titles both old and new, and ends this weekend.

Online VTT Roll20 has a flash sale on digital DnD books right now. For just the next couple of days you’ll be able to save up to 40% on titles ranging from the core DnD rulebooks, to recent adventures like Keys From the Golden Vault. The sale is currently underway on the Roll20 website, and will run from October 12 to October 15.

Of course, Roll20 is a virtual tabletop, and so what it sells is more than just downloadable PDFs. The DnD books in the sale come with interactive elements, like automatic random tables, and DnD maps you can drag tokens around on.

The Roll20 marketplace page doesn’t do a great job of presenting the DnD savings in one place, so to clear things up, here’s exactly what’s on offer, and how much it’s discounted by:

Book Sale Price Previous Price Discount
Dungeon Master’s Guide $17.99 $29.99 40%
Player’s Handbook $17.99 $29.99 40%
Monster Manual $17.99 $29.99 40%
Curse of Strahd $18.75 $24.99 25%
The Wild Beyond the Witchlight $23.99 $29.99 20%
D&D Starter set: Dragons of Stormwreck Isle $12.75 $14.99 15%
Keys From the Golden Vault $25.49 $29.99 15%

Of these books, we can definitely recommend the new starter set, which we found approachable, but still colorful and varied. Check out our Dragons of Stormwreck Isle review to find out more.

The most recent book in the sale, Keys From the Golden Vault, is a set of heist adventures released in early 2023. While Mollie Russell found the book a good read, packed with memorable detail, there were also some notable shallow patches. Read her Keys From the Golden Vault review here.

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Roll20 was in the news recently, when on September 14 it announced a partnership with Dungeon Scrawl, to make the ‘first real-time map-making tool’.

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