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Warhammer author penned lore for new Total War DLC

Creative Assembly got a Warhammer author with dozens of Black Library works to create new lore about a character in its upcoming Total War DLC.

Total War art showing a Cathay leader in ornate armor

Creative Assembly enlisted the help of a Black Library Warhammer author for its latest Total War: Warhammer 3 DLC. The studio worked with David Guymer to write new lore for the China-inspired Cathay faction and the legendary lord now confirmed for its upcoming Shadows of Change DLC.

An author (and ex-microbiologist) who’s written dozens of Warhammer books, Guymer penned a Total War: Warhammer 3 short story about The Jade Dragon Juan Bo, the first of three legendary lords coming in the DLC this summer. (We’re also expecting one for Kislev, and one for Tzeentch).

Entitled ‘Master of the Meteor Wind’, this story was released in the form of a free downloadable ebook. It tells the story of an encounter between Juan Bo and a Tzeentch daemon and army, and is likely to be rich with clues about the upcoming Total War release.

Total War DLC art showing a magical bird creature.

For instance, many are speculating that this Tzeentch daemon is the Changeling, who could be another Legendary Lord from the pack. The main reason for this is that the Changeling is a shapeshifter, a trickster who delights in taking on others’ forms (the daemon pretends to be Juan Bo’s sister in the story). It would also fit the DLC’s name very nicely.

More concrete appears to be a hint at some new units, the Onyx Crowmen, magical bird-like creatures said to be Cathay’s “assassins and spies” that even receive artwork in the story. We’ll be thoroughly surprised if we don’t see 3D models matching this art piece swooping on our foes in Total War before the summer is out.

David Guymer has numerous books for Warhammer 40k, Age of Sigmar, and The Horus Heresy to his name. For instance, he’s done two tomes on Warhammer Primarchs, Lion El’Jonson and Ferrus Manus.

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