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Warhammer 40k: Kill Team Nachmund box hits pre-order this week

Games Workshop's latest Kill Team starter set, featuring Eldar Corsairs and Chaos Space Marines, goes to pre-order on Saturday, March 12

Warhammer 40k Kill Team Nachmund release date - warhammer community photo showing the new Kill Team Nachmund box art, models, and terain

Warhammer 40k: Kill Team Nachmund, the latest full starter set for Games Workshop’s recently relaunched sci-fi skirmish game, goes up for pre-order this Saturday, March 12.

The box set – featuring ten brand new Eldar Corsairs and ten Chaos Space Marine legionary models, plus a big pile of industrial terrain – will join GW’s webstore alongside new Aeldari and Chaos-themed dice sets, and standalone model kits for the T’au Pathfinders and Sisters of Battle Novitiates from the previous box set, Kill Team: Chalnath.

We won’t know official pricing for Kill Team: Nachmund until Saturday, but we’d make an educated guess at $199 / £125 – the same price point as the Kill Team: Octarius box set which launched the game’s new edition in August 2021. November’s Chalnath box set contained a little less in the way of terrain pieces, and retailed at $170 / £105 – but GW has confirmed Nachmund contains a full set of Sector Mechanicus terrain, so we reckon it’ll have the price tag to match.

Kill Team: Nachmund’s release date was revealed in Warhammer Community’s regular round-up of the following week’s pre-orders on Sunday.

As well as the T’au Pathfinders and Adepta Sororitas Novitiates, Nachmund is joined on GW’s release slate by:

  • Aeldari Corsairs dice
  • Chaos Space Marines dice
  • Killzone Chalnath terrain set
  • Kill Team: Chalnath missions book

GW’s latest new releases come as Warhammer 40k players welcome a chunky new Aeldari codex, and await the next codex release date: the voracious Tyranids.

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