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The best Warhammer Christmas gifts that aren’t more models

These gifts will delight any Warhammer collector in your life without adding to their backlog of unpainted models - they've got plenty!

Warhammer Christmas Gifts box - an emoji Christmas gift with the Warhammer logo (a combination hammer / eagle wing) superimposed on the sides

In some ways it’s very easy to buy gifts for Warhammer fans: ask them what army they collect, and get them a box of models from that army. But what if they already have more miniatures than they know what to do with? That’s where we can help – we’ve picked out a selection of excellent Warhammer Christmas gifts that aren’t just more models.

This article is full of holiday Warhammer gift suggestions for a hobbyist who already has an Age of Sigmar army or Warhammer 40k faction. If you’re gift shopping for someone interested in starting with the hobby, we have guides to all the current Warhammer 40k starter sets and Age of Sigmar starter sets which will let you know exactly what you should get.

Here are our Warhammer Christmas gift suggestions that aren’t more models:

  1. Audible subscription – a new Warhammer book each month
  2. Windsor and Newton Series 7 brush – for fine paint jobs
  3. Warhammer Art print – beautify their gaming space
  4. Puluz mini photo studio – a super lightbox for mini photos
  5. Badger Patriot 105 airbrush – an army painting upgrade
  6. Elegoo Mars 3 3D printer – let them make their own minis
  7. Army Painter Speed Paints 2.0 mega paint set – all the colors
  8. Warhammer World trip – make memories together

Warhammer Christmas Gifts - a selection of Warhammer audiobooks in an audible library

1. Audible subscription

Let them pick a new Warhammer book every month.

There are hundreds of Warhammer books, and most of them are available as excellent audiobooks – perfect listening while commuting or painting miniatures. The Audible subscription service is a great value way to get these stories.

Subscriptions start at $14.95 / £7.99 per month, which comes with one audiobook credit and access to Premium Plus titles. A one-year sub costs $149.50 or £69.99. Members also get access to regular two-for-one sales and discounts.

This is one that we’ve thoroughly tested – between us, Wargamer’s team members have listened to over 1,500 hours of Warhammer audiobooks through the service, from Age of Sigmar fantasy tales to the infamous library of Horus Heresy books.

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2. Windsor and Newton Series 7 paintbrush

The Series 7 will be their new favorite brush.

Wargamer has a whole guide to the best miniature paintbrushes, but we’ll skip to the cream of the crop – the Windsor and Newton Series 7 paintbrush.

Originally designed at the request of British Queen Victoria in 1866, each Number 7 is handmade by an artisanal brush maker. It uses the finest kolinsky sable fur in its bristles, for the highest possible paint retention. It holds a point immaculately.

If you think the person you’re buying for already has a ‘best brush’, don’t fret – a second never hurts. We also recommend buying brush soap as a stocking filler; it’s brilliant for extending the life and performance of brushes.

Warhammer Christmas Gifts - framed Warhammer Art

3. Warhammer Art print

A glorious art piece to beautify a gaming or hobby space.

GW’s licensed Warhammer Art brand offers official prints of the many, many pieces of fantasy and sci-fi art associated with Warhammer. The choice can be daunting, but there’s an easy way to find artwork that will resonate. Just ask your gift recipient which was the first Warhammer 40k Codex (army rulebook) they bought, and which edition of the game that came from.

They’ll answer with something like “fifth edition Tau Empire” or “third edition Orks“. The cover art for that Codex is sure to be full of nostalgia for them. You can find the artwork with a Google image search, and it’s almost certainly available as a Warhammer Art print.

Warhammer Christmas Gifts - Puluz Mini Photo Studio

4. Puluz mini photo studio

Help them take beautiful pictures of their models.

This low-cost light box is a collapsible mini photography studio. With an internal ring of LED lights, a light diffuser, and several colored backsheets, this is a beginner-friendly tool that will greatly improve the quality of photographs your hobbyist can take of their collection.

Warhammer Christmas gift - Badger Patriot 105 airbrush

5. Badger Patriot 105 airbrush

An airbrush is the classic miniature painting upgrade.

Airbrushes unlock faster, more versatile miniature painting options, letting model painters achieve normally impossible things when painting their minis.

The US-made Badger Patriot 105  is easy to maintain, can be reconfigured with nozzles that make it suitable for base painting or fine detail work, and sits at a comparatively affordable price point. It’s the workhorse airbrush that we recommend for most users in our guide to the best airbrushes for miniatures.

Warhammer Christmas Gifts - Elegoo Mars 3

6. Elegoo Mars 3 3D printer

A good resin 3D printer lets them make their own minis.

If you’ve never seen a resin 3D printer work, they are magical, gradually creating a perfect new miniature from nothing but gooey resin and beams of light.

There are more recent models in the Mars line – editor Alex Evans is currently testing the Mars 4 Ultra 9k – but the Elegoo Mars 3 produces miniatures crisp enough for any purpose short of industrial prototyping, and it’s one of the best-priced options out there.

Resin 3D printers aren’t suitable for children, and we recommend that you read our guide on how to 3D print miniatures for important safety instructions as well as tips and tricks.

Warhammer Christmas Gifts - Army Painter speed paint

7. Army Painter Speed Paints 2.0 mega paint set

All the colors they could need to get their unpainted armies finished.

The Speed Paints 2.0 range is perfect for painting a lot of models fast. Over a white or near-white basecoat, these can color, shade, and highlight a model in a single coat, giving a quick and cheerful result. Wargamer received a free review sample of the Speed Paints 2.0 mega paint set, which contains an enormous selection, and we use these paints regularly – they do the job brilliantly.

Their one weakness is the ball bearings inside the paint bottles. These ensure the paint mixes thoroughly when you shake the bottle, but if they get stuck in the nozzle when you’re squeezing paint out the whole pot can explode. Use caution!

For more information on this kind of translucent paint, check out Wargamer’s guide to Contrast paints and alternatives.

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8. Warhammer World trip

Make memories together with a trip to Warhammer World.

If you haven’t heard of it before, Warhammer World is Games Workshop’s visitor center in Nottingham, UK. Entry to the center is free, which gives you access to the fantasy-themed Bugman’s Bar, a large gaming hall, and of course a very well-stocked gift shop.

You’ll need a paid ticket to enter the Warhammer World Exhibition, but we recommend you go in. This contains thousands of professionally painted miniatures and incredible large-scale dioramas that will amaze anyone. These stunning recreations of battle scenes can help you to understand what Warhammer fans are imagining when they’re playing or painting.

If you’re an international visitor, your Warhammer-fascinated family member will thank you for adding a stop at Warhammer World to a UK itinerary. Nottingham itself is a historic town with lots to see. Check out our guide to Warhammer World for more details on planning a trip.

Still stuck for ideas? Wargamer has plenty of guides full of potential gifts: check out our lists of the best board games, family board games, best graphic novels, and Christmas Lego sets to get started!