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Lily Allen outs David Harbour as a Warhammer 40k nerd

The singer shared an Instagram story of husband David Harbour, who played Jim Hopper in Stranger Things, painting a Black Templars Space Marine

David Harbour is a Warhammer 40k fan - photograph, posted to David Harbour's Instagram, of Harbour at an award ceremony

Another celebrity joins the ranks of confirmed fans of Warhammer 40k: David Harbour, the American actor who played Jim Hopper in Stranger Things and Red Guardian in Black Widow. Singer Lily Allen posted a photo of her husband Harbour painstakingly painting a Black Templars Space Marine as an Instagram Story on Wednesday.

This is a fairly coy revelation of Harbour’s hobby compared to what we’ve seen with some other celebrity nerds. The Warhammer 40k Henry Cavill love affair was no secret to anyone who followed the former Superman actor’s social media and TV appearances. Midnight Mass’ Rahul Kohli has been very vocal about the progress of his Ultramarines army on Twitter.

David Harbour is a Warhammer 40k fan - screenshot of a story on Lily Allen's Instagram, showing David Harbour painting a Black Templars space marine, using a painting handle and magnifying glasses

In contrast, all we have here is one pic of the actor painting miniatures – a Space Marine Primaris Chaplain with parts from the Black Templars upgrade sprue, if we’re not mistaken – shared by his spouse.

This is very much on-brand for Harbour: as well as getting involved with plenty of nerdy film and TV projects, he’s on record as a World of Warcraft fan, playing with Twitch streamers to promote the Dragonflight expansion, and recently shared photos of a beastly new PC to his twitter.

Being a Warhammer 40k hobbyist isn’t a prerequisite for getting a role in the proposed Warhammer 40k film and TV projects, currently being discussed by Games Workshop and Amazon Studios. Harbour certainly has the bearing and range to take on a part from most of the Warhammer 40k factions – not to mention the beard to play a Space Wolf warrior.