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Warhammer 40k Magnus the Red transformed into Hellboy

The eye-popping conversion turns Warhammer 40k’s Magnus the Red into Mike Mignola’s Hellboy, and comes from pro painting studio Den of Imagination

Warhammer 40k Magnus the Red model converted into Hellboy by Den of Imagination painting service - A bare-chested, muscular red daemon with the stumps of horns, with a giant right hand, holding a gun in the left, wearing a tan trench-coat, a pair of fiery wings sprouting from his back

What’s red and red, and red all over? This Hellboy model was converted from Warhammer 40k’s Magnus the Red, Primarch of the Thousand Sons, by Den of Imagination miniature painting service. The commission painting studio shared this 360 video of their creation to YouTube on December 22.

The total conversion of the huge Magnus the Red kit is painted to a ‘level five’ standard by the firm, the second-highest quality miniature painting commission it offers.

Though very little of the original model for the Thousand SonsTzeentch-worshipping Primarch shows through all the conversion work, we have to admit that Magnus’ well-developed pectorals are a good fit for Hellboy.

Den of Imagination CEO Michal Ruminski tells us that two staff worked on the project. Sculptor Kasia spent 20 hours using greenstuff and liquid greenstuff to convert Magnus into Hellboy. Painter Maja spent 32 hours, from start to finish, painting the figure.

With its mixture of WW2, occultism, and daemonic lore, there is a certain resonance between Warhammer 40k and Hellboy. The stump-horned anti-hero has appeared in miniature form before, in a dungeon crawler boardgame by Mantic Games. Despite David Harbour’s failed Hellboy reboot, he’s still a beloved character, so we’re sure this won’t be the last we see of him on the tabletop.

It’s been a busy season for cool conversions and custom painting miniatures. Just this week we saw two Space Marine Kill Teams with radical paint jobs, one armoured in pride flag colours and another as F1 teams. At the ultimate, budget end of the modelling hobby, one fan created Vashtorr the Arkifane from the upcoming Arks of Omen expansion using tin foil, while a Ukrainian creator made a papercraft Land Raider to keep his spirits up during wartime blackouts.