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Use just five paints in this Warhammer 40k painting challenge

You have until Sunday to join the community challenge, which uses the five paints from the just-announced Warhammer 40k Introductory Set.

Warhammer 40k painting challenge using only the five paints from the Introductory set - photo collage of five citadel paint pots

Anyone with five paints, one brush, and a fresh Space Marine or Tyranid mini can join the latest Warhammer 40k painting challenge, organised by hobbyist Andy Clark. You need to paint a ‘Nid or Marine using just the five paints from the newly announced ‘Introductory’ Warhammer 40k Starter set, and no primer, and have until Sunday July 9, 5pm UTC to submit.

The challenge will be judged by “public poll”. The prize is the limited edition Warhammer 40k mini ‘Bayard’s Revenge’, which depicts the Black Templar’s Emperors Champion plunging his blade into an Ork.

To enter, you need to DM Clark on Twitter @AndyCRuns with a picture of your mini and your paint list.

The newly revealed Warhammer 40k Introductory set, which contains miniatures and the five paints for the Starter Set Painting Challenge

Games Workshop announced the Warhammer 40k Introductory set on Monday. It contains five Citadel paints for miniatures:

  • Abaddon Black
  • Wraithbone
  • Macragge Blue
  • Naggaroth Night
  • Balthasar Gold

Clark says that color substitutions are allowed, but only like for like: you could swap out Wraithbone for a Two Thin Coats Trooper White, but not an Army Painter Pure Red.

Clark is an active member of the Warhammer 40k community online. He has a truly distinctive custom Space Marine chapter: the puffin guard, whose armor is black, white, with lurid orange greaves and helmet muzzles.

Challenges that put restrictions on how you paint miniatures are a great way to stretch your creative muscles. The recent Paint Pot challenge gave us some brilliant, left-field conversions, and its well worth checking out.

Site editor Alex challenged himself to paint the Tyranids in the Leviathan box as fast as he possibly could using Contrast Paints, while I boosted my speed with traditional paints by painting one DnD miniature each day for the whole of advent in 2021.