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These chunky Warhammer 40k signet rings are worthy of a Primarch

Australian jeweller Hawkstone has created a series of rings based on the world of Warhammer 40k, depicting the Emperor of Mankind and his Primarchs

A Warhammer 40k signet ring featuring the emperor of mankind

Ever wanted to have a powerful Primarch wrapped around your finger? Australian jeweller Hawkstone has created a series of Warhammer 40k rings themed around the God-Emperor and his kids. These heavy-duty silver signet rings make up the ‘Demi-God series’, and are designed and manufactured by Hawkstone owner Steven Errington.

While not every Primarch is featured so far, the series is still ongoing, with ‘Part Seven: The Haunter’, depicting Konrad Curze, released just three weeks ago. So far there are rings for Mortarion, Rogal Dorn, Sanguinius, Alpharius, and the glorious Emperor of Mankind himself. If the Horus Heresy isn’t your jam, there’s also a ring bearing the symbol of the Inquisition.

These rings are made to order, so if you’re picking one up you should account for a 14 day manufacturing process. Shipping outside of Australia comes at a flat rate of $30 AUD. The rings themselves cost a pretty penny, with most priced at $208 / £187. The cheapest is the ‘Death Mask’ ring, at $157 / £141. Naturally the Emperor’s has to have a bit of extra bling, and thanks to his gold halo costs $238 / £214.

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Interestingly, whereas the DnD classes jewellery, and spell rings that have piqued our interest in the past have been made by jewellers that specialise in geeky creations and third-party tie-ins, this doesn’t seem to be the case for Hawkstone. Their online store is all regular jewellery, and then there’s the Warhammer aisle.