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Baldur’s Gate 3 mod lets you hand pick NPCs as hirelings

Hirelings Unleashed lets you replace the nameless hirelings offered by Withers with characters you’ll encounter - and likely kill - in your adventures.

BG3 mod Hirelings Unleashed lets you add NPCs to your party - Priestess Gut, a goblin ruler with sharp teeth, pointed ears and nose, one missing eye, and a hat with a small skull on it.

The Baldur’s Gate 3 mod ‘Hirelings Unleashed – All in One’ by Khione95 lets you adventure alongside many of the interesting, evil, or just plain funny NPCs you’ll encounter in your Baldur’s Gate 3 journey. The mod is available from NexusMods, and replaces the 12 base game hirelings with twelve NPCs from across Faerûn.

The hirelings are available from the ancient liche Withers once he’s joined your camp. Currently, the mod doesn’t attempt to convert the NPCs into full BG3 companions: they will only have the stock dialogue that all hirelings use, and won’t make reference to your interactions with them in the story.

Screenshot from the Baldur's Gate 3 mod Hirelings Unleashed - Alfira, a Tiefling Bard, appears on a Hireling select screen

The mod page notes that “I would suggest you use [these hirelings] after you kill them” in game. That’s pretty grim, but it keeps things coherent with the fact the hirelings Withers provides to you aren’t exactly alive.

Here’s the list of characters available in the mod – minor spoilers ahead!

  • Alfira, a Tiefling 5e bard found among the Emerald Grove refugees.
  • Shadow Archdruid Kagha, the leader of the Emerald Grove in Halsin’s absence.
  • Hobgoblin leader Dror Ragzlin, one of the three running the Goblin camp along with Minthara.
  • Drow True Soul Nere, found leading an Underdark excavation with the Duergar.
  • A minotaur. Just a minotaur.
  • Grukkoh, the bugbear found making love to an ogre in a barn.
  • Buthir, aforementioned ogre.
  • True Soul Gut, a goblin priestess and another ruler of the goblin camp.
  • Gnoll warlord Flind.
  • Thulla, a Deep Gnome you’ll find poisoned in the Underdark.
  • Sarh Bareth, a Githyanki 5e fighter.
  • Efrin, a 5e Dwarf you find petrified in the cave of a Hag.

Hirelings Unleashed is listed as compatible with other popular BG3 mods, including Lethal AI Enemies and Tactician Plus.

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Team Wargamer are all at various stages with their BG3 playthroughs. Mollie Russell, author of our BG3 review, is well on the way to finishing her second playthrough and is eyeing up tactician mode to give her a real challenge. Editor Alex Evans is having a breather after a first playthrough. Matt Bassil and Timothy Linward are plodding slowly through Act One still, and are somewhat anxious about the sheer scale of the game.

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