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Third wave of DnD Critical Role miniatures coming from Wizkids

Wizkids is releasing a third wave of DnD Critical Role miniatures for pre-order, including two sets of DnD monsters and two sets of NPC miniatures

DnD Critical Role Miniatures Wizkids third wave release - Compound image from sales images of the new Critical role miniatures, showing Sunbreaker Ulumon, Trent Ikithon, and a winged demon

March 18, 2022 As of Friday, March 18, some DnD Critical Role minis from WizKids are available to win – get the details here.

Board game and miniatures creator Wizkids has announced a new batch of Critical Role DnD miniatures, featuring NPCs, characters, and monsters from the popular Dungeons and Dragons web series. Six products, each one a pre-painted Critical Role mini or set of minis, were announced via Wizkids’ website on Monday. The miniatures, which are available to pre-order now from Wizkids’ online store (and some brick and mortar game stores), will apparently release “soon” in the US and launch worldwide in June 2022.

This latest is the third series of DnD Critical Role miniatures to be produced by the company. Besides the colourful characters you see above, it includes all manner of friendly and ferocious faces from the show; including the half-orc Barbarian Lionel Gayheart, in the ‘Guests of Critical Role’ set; the tortle Bard Orly Skiffback, in the ‘NPCs of Wildemount’ set; and a hulking, standalone Forge Guardian.

Wizkids first announced its partnership with Critical Role in January 2021, and since then has created several waves of minis depicting characters and creatures from the series and its setting of Exandria. After creating just one set in 2021, it seems Wizkids is stepping things up in 2022, as it released a second wave of Critical Role miniatures very recently, on February 1.

The announcement of these new Critical Role minis comes just ahead of the release of the Critical Role: Call of the Netherdeep DnD book, which is due out on March 15. The book is apparently designed for D&D fans who are newcomers to the Critical Role universe.

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Not all the details have been released yet, but we know it features a magical mineral called Ruidium, which can corrupt anyone exposed to it, and a DnD magic item called the Ring of Red Fury.

The full list of newly announced Critical Role miniature sets from Wizkids is:

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