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DnD series Legends of the Multiverse airs Wednesday

D&D series Legends of the Multiverse airs on Twitch and YouTube on Wednesday, with guest stars from Dimension 20 and Critical Role.

DnD Legends of the Multiverse - character art, party of five adventurers on purple space background

Last week’s D&D Direct showed off many new things to look forward to in the world of Dungeons and Dragons, and the new DnD series Legends of the Multiverse is available far sooner than Dragonlance 5E or Dragons of Stormwreck Isle. At 8pm ET on April 27 / 1am BST on April 28, episode one of the new actual play campaign will air on D&D’s Twitch channel and YouTube channel.

According to a Wizards of the Coast press release that followed the D&D Direct livestream on April 21, “Legends of the Multiverse is an ambitious D&D play series that tells interwoven stories of many adventurers across the multiverse”. The press release says each episode will last one hour, and the pre-recorded adventures will have a rotating Dungeon Master each week.

After episode one, Legends of the Multiverse will air at the same time every week on the same platforms. Although the episodes are reportedly pre-recorded, it’s not been made clear how many episodes D&D fans can expect. The first DM will be Dimension 20 DM Brennan Lee Mulligan, and the first special guest will be Critical Role guest Aabria Iyengar.

While the planned DMs for the series are still mostly unknown, the core cast of Legends of the Multiverse was announced during the D&D Direct. This includes Deborah Ann Woll, who is best known for starring in Daredevil and True Blood but also runs D&D actual plays of her own – her most recent show Children of Éarte is currently on episode six.

The rest of the cast includes tabletop RPG veterans B. Dave Walters, Gina Darling, Meagan Kenreck, and Todd Kenreck. Several other names appear in the Legends of the Multiverse trailer, and we can assume these are the “additional legends” the press release claims will join the core party each week. The named guests for the rest of the series are: D&D YouTuber Ginny Di; performing artist Anna Prosser; streamer Deejay Knight; voice actor Emme Montgomery; podcast host Travis McElroy; and YouTuber SungWon Cho (also known as ProZD).

While the trailer only reveals names and character illustrations, several of the core cast have already shared titbits about the series on social media. In an Instagram post on Friday, Gina Darling explained some of her character creation process for Kender Grave Cleric Bác Sĩ.

“As a nod to my Vietnamese heritage, I named my character Bác Sĩ because it means “doctor” in Vietnamese”, she said. “I’ve never seen a Vietnamese main character in a game. So I decided to do it myself.” Dave B. Walters also revealed on Twitter that his character Kaiho Karoshi is a Githyanki Bladesinger.

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Update: This article incorrectly referred to Brennan Lee Mulligan as the ex DM of Dimension 20, and this was rectified on April 27.