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New details hint DnD Vecna campaign has big Avengers energy

Wizards of the Coast reveals more secrets about Vecna’s return to Dungeons and Dragons in the upcoming DnD 5e book, Vecna: Eve of Ruin.

DnD Vecna Eve of Ruin art depicting Tasha, Mordenkainen, and Alustriel Silverhand

A new YouTube video from Wizards of the Coast reveals more details about the upcoming Dungeons and Dragons book, Vecna: Eve of Ruin. Shared on February 28, it reveals the plot hooks that drive the campaign – and it’s starting to feel a lot like Avengers: Infinity War.

The story begins with three of the Forgotten Realms’ most famous DnD Wizards. Mordenkainen, Tasha, and Alustriel Silverhand have uncovered a plot that leads back to that ultimate bad guy, Thanos – we mean Vecna. They attempt to thwart his plans with a DnD Wish spell, but it pulls your adventuring party out of Neverwinter instead. Somehow, your fate is tied to Vecna’s, and you must assemble to stop him.

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From there, this DnD campaign takes you across the multiverse to collect fragments of the Rod of Seven Parts. This legendary DnD magic item might be what you need to stop Vecna, but you’ve a lot of sights to see before that can happen.

So far, seven DnD settings have been confirmed for the 5e book – Eberron, Dragonlance, Ravenloft, Greyhawk, Planescape, Spelljammer, and The Nine Hells. Vecna: Eve of Ruin takes place between levels 10 and 20, so there will be plenty of high-level encounters keeping you from your objective (we’re looking forward to spending more time with Strahd von Zarovich).

In Wednesday’s video, senior designer Amanda Harmon explains that secrets also play a big role in the campaign. Vecna is a god of secrets, and the party’s ties to him mean they’ll be able to use the power secrets hold throughout the adventure. Mechanically, this means secrets learned from NPCs can give you an edge in combat situations.

Harmon promises that none of these details are too spoiler-y, and there are still plenty of secrets to discover when Eve of Ruin crops up on the DnD release schedule. The campaign is set to launch on May 21, ahead of the One DnD rulebooks releases later this year.

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