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War Thunder dev’s FPS joins Steam as Enlisted: Reinforced

War Thunder dev Gaijin's Enlisted is one of our favorite multiplayer WW2 games - and it's coming out on Steam rather soon.

Enlisted Reinforced Steam release - Enlisted Reinforced screenshot showing an American machine gun firing as fellow troops storm a pacific island

Enlisted, the squad based World War Two shooter from War Thunder developer Gaijin Entertainment, is finally going to be released on Steam, the studio announced on Wednesday.

Previously only available via its own free-to-play client, Gaijin says the tactical shooter – first released as a public beta back in 2021 – will join the Steam platform in an upgraded form titled Enlisted: Reinforced “in Q1 2024”. We don’t have a more accurate release date just yet.

Enlisted – which enjoys a spot in our guide to the best WW2 games by dint of its realistic feel, excellent weapons, and innovative mechanics – has layered on multiple free expansions over the last three years, adding new Enlisted tanks, environments, factions, and equipment to further expand its experience.

And Gaijin confirms this re-titled edition will have all that content rolled into it, including “all maps, soldier squads, weapons, ground vehicles, aircraft, and gameplay features that have been added to Enlisted as the game expanded and evolved”.

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According to Gaijin founder Anton Yudintsev’s comments in Wednesday’s press release, existing PC players will have one month from the Enlisted: Reinforced launch date to “make their choice” on whether to transfer all their progress to Steam, or keep it on the Gaijin.net platform.

“If it’s important to players that the money from their purchases reaches the developers in full, they can continue to use Gaijin.net,” Yudintsev explains.

Meanwhile, if you own Enlisted on Xbox or PlayStation, your game will automatically be updated to the Reinforced edition.

Enlisted Reinforced Steam release - Enlisted Reinforced screenshot showing a Russian DP28 machine gun firing in the Battle of Stalingrad at German soldiers

One of the more impressive, action-focused free war games we’ve played on PC in recent years, the core gimmick of Enlisted is that you enter a game controlling not a single trooper, but a full squad of named soldiers, each of whom you’ll level up over multiple games with new skills, weapons, and equipment.

All your squadmates are in the battle from the start, but you only control one at a time, with AI piloting the rest. When you die, you’ll hop into the next soldier, take over control from the bot, and fight on. The result is big, active-feeling battles where player death is meaningful, but not game-ending.

While you’re waiting to try Enlisted out on Steam, its bigger, vehicle focused sibling War Thunder is still there (and pretty damn fun). If you like that, check out our guides to the best War Thunder tanks and War Thunder planes for a bit of a leg-up. We’ve also got a list of War Thunder skins to slap on your ride, if that’s your thing.