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Last chance to get this ace turn based wargame free on Steam

Slitherine's Field of Glory 2 is a glorious turn based PC game of ancient warfare - and you can download it free on Steam right now.

Field of Glory 2 free on Steam - Slitherine screenshot showing lines of combat units moving into direct contact with one another

Turn based games and miniature wargames fans with a foot in the world of PC gaming can currently grab Field of Glory 2 free on Steam to keep forever – but only for another day or so.


Enjoying a highly respectable overall Metacritic review score of 84, Field of Glory 2 – Slitherine’s second digital adaptation of the ‘Field of Glory Ancients and Medieval’ tabletop wargame system – delivers reliably thrilling, challenging battles set in the Rise of Rome period, from 280 BCE to 25 BCE.

It’s a tempting pick for historical wargamers even at the regular price of $29.99 / £23.79 – but, as a free Steam game, it’s nothing short of essential – so go download it right now.

You’ve got until the offer ends at 10am PST / 1pm EST / 5pm GMT on Thursday, June 8 to add your Field of Glory 2 free copy to your Steam Library.

Just go to the Steam store page and add it to your library before the 100% discount offer ends and the game returns to its regular Steam price. You’ll then be able to download and play whenever you like.

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Since you’re getting the main game free, it might be worth grabbing a DLC or two while you’re at it, as five out of the six Field of Glory 2 DLC packs are on 60% off until Thursday, too.

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