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Corrupted Planeswalker Ajani gets his own MTG Arena avatar

Beloved MTG planeswalker Ajani Goldmane has been corrupted by the Phyrexians - now you can use Ajani, Sleeper Agent as your MTG Arena avatar

MTG Arena Ajani Sleeper Agent avatar reveal - mtg arena screenshot showing Ajani Sleeper Agent in the avatar select screen

If you thought Ajani Goldmane had suffered all the indignity he could, think again: there’s now a MTG Arena avatar for his ‘compleated’ form, Ajani, Sleeper Agent – and it’s free to use until September 15. Magic: The Gathering‘s furriest (and, until recently, noblest) Planeswalker, Ajani has been corrupted by the evil Phyrexians in the narrative of the latest MTG setDominaria United – much to the chagrin of many long-time fans of this Leonin legend.

Presumably some folks will want to use his Avatar, though – whether out of villainous glee on the Phyrexians’ side, or in loving memory of the true Ajani that was.

Either way, according to an announcement on Wizards’ official site on Wednesday, you can use this MTG Arena avatar for free until September 15 – after which it’ll be for sale on the MTG Arena store.

MTG Arena Ajani Sleeper Agent avatar reveal - Wizards graphic showing the logo for the Qualifier Play-In event

Also announced on Wednesday was the September Best-of-One Qualifier Play-In event taking place this coming weekend – which Wizards says is “your first step on the Premier Play path that culminates in the 2023 Arena Championship 2!”

You can enter the event between 6am PT (1pm UTC) this coming Saturday, September 10, until the same time on Sunday. The format is Dominaria United Phantom Sealed (the Dominaria United set has been out on MTG Arena since September 1, and releases in physical stores on September 9).

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