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Another dino MTG card spikes 139% ahead of Ixalan release

Another Magic: The Gathering dinosaur card sees a colossal price spike ahead of MTG Lost Caverns of Ixalan’s November 16 set release.

Everyone’s going dippy for dinosaurs, as yet another prehistoric MTG card has spiked in price. Silverclad Ferocidons has seen a steady increase in value since the month began, and a major spike on November 12 means the card’s value has ballooned 139% in the last few weeks.

TCGPlayer estimates these armored raptors were worth $4.94 (£3.98) at the start of November, but this has risen to $11.84 (£9.54) as of November 16. MTGGoldfish shows a similar (but slightly less dramatic) price spike of 108% in the same time period, with the card’s price jumping from $6.80 (£5.48) to $9.60 (£7.74).

MTG card Silverclad Ferocidons

Silverclad Ferocidons is an 8/5 MTG dinosaur card that costs seven mana to cast (two red and five colorless). Its main feature is the Enrage keyword, which forces all your opponents to sacrifice a permanent when the dino is dealt damage. The card was printed as part of the Rivals of Ixalan MTG set.

We’re now returning to this plane in MTG Lost Caverns of Ixalan, whose global release is set for November 17. The release of a new, dinosaur-heavy set appears to be the most logical cause of Silverclad Ferocidon’s recent spike.

Other dinosaur cards support this theory, showing similar price trends. Trapjaw Tyrant and Dinosaurs on a Spaceship also hit new financial heights, spiking 60% and 120% respectively.

MTG card Silverclad Ferocidons price spike graph on TCGPlayer

Plenty of high-value dinos are getting reprinted (particularly in the pre-made MTG Ixalan Commander deck, Veloci-Ramp-Tor), so now’s an excellent time to build a scaly MTG Commander deck. MTG vampires, merfolk, and pirates are also having a moment as the MTG 2023 release schedule takes us deep underground in search of lost treasure and Minecraft-style adventure.

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