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MTG Ixalan Commander decks are great value for money

Plenty of valuable Magic: The Gathering cards are being reprinted in the Ixalan MTG Commander decks - here’s what to look forward to.

MTG Commander decks Ixalan reprints - Wizards of the Coast art of a vampire and a Twitter emoji thinking about money

Wizards of the Coast has stuffed its Ixalan MTG Commander decks full of tasty reprints. With the four deck lists revealed, we can now see exactly how much value fans will get out of each deck. And there’s plenty to be hyped about.

The Ixalan MTG Commander decks will be available on the MTG Lost Caverns of Ixalan release date of November 17. The pre-constructed decks have four distinct themes and MTG colors. These are:

  • Ahoy Mateys (black/blue/red)
  • Blood Rites (black/white)
  • Explorers of the Deep (blue/green)
  • Veloci-Ramp-Tor (green/red/white)

MTG Commander decks from Lost Caverns of Ixalan

The priciest reprint in Ahoy Mateys (according to deck-building database Moxfield) is Black Market Connections, which currently goes for a shiny $37.99 (£31.20). The deck also features Pitiless Plunderer ($11.99 / £9.85) and Timestream Navigator ($7.99 / £6.56). Rounding out the top five most expensive Magic cards in this deck are Herald’s Horn and Vanquisher’s Banner, both currently worth a modest $5.99 (£4.92).

Blood Rites seems to be the deck to watch here. Trading card game YouTube channel The Command Zone estimates it has a reprint value of $160, and it says Blood Rites has “the highest reprint value [seen in a pre-constructed deck] all year”. You can see The Command Zone’s full deck reveal below:

YouTube Thumbnail

If you don’t have time to watch the whole video, here’s the gist. Exquisite Blood is top of the pile with an estimated value of $47.99 (£39.41 – again, these prices are all according to Moxfield). Other cards to watch are Elenda, the Dusk Rose ($14.99 / £12.31), New Blood ($11.99 / £9.85), Pact of the Serpent, and Bloodghast (both $6.99 / £5.74).

Explorers of the Deep’s most expensive reprint appears to be Branching Evolution, which currently has an estimated value of $20.99 (£17.23). After that, the main underwater treasures to watch for are Metallic Mimic ($11.99 / £9.85), Thassa, God of the Sea ($10.99 / £9.02), and Kindred Discovery ($9.99 / £8.20).

Finally, there’s the dino-heavy Veloci-Ramp-Tor deck. Akroma’s Will ($24.99 / £20.52) is reprinted here, along with Xenagos, God of Revels ($15.99 / £13.13) and Chandra’s Ignition ($12.99 / £10.67). You’re also getting your money’s worth from MTG cards like Apex Altisaur ($13.99 / £11.49) and Descendant’s Path ($9.99 / £8.20).

For even more spoilers, here’s what we know about the MTG Lost Caverns of Ixalan Commanders. We’ve also seen some powerful MTG Lost Caverns of Ixalan reprints along with pricey ones.

While this is the last premium set in the MTG 2023 release schedule, there’s still plenty to look forward to in the MTG release schedule of 2024. In the meantime, here are the best MTG Arena decks and MTG Arena codes to check out.