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MTG Doctor Who dinosaur card price soars 120%

Dinosaur MTG cards are suddenly popular (we can’t imagine why), and one dino from Magic: The Gathering’s Doctor Who set is getting pricey.

MTG card, Dinosaurs in Space (image from Wizards of the Coast)

Everybody’s getting into dinosaurs ahead of the Ixalan set release, and one MTG card price has soared thanks to the hype. Between November 2 and 7, the Doctor Who Magic: The Gathering card ‘Dinosaurs in Space’ spiked around 120% on both TCGPlayer and MTGGoldfish. Both secondary TCG sites saw the price go from around $4 (£3.25) to around $11 (£8.94).

Released in the Universes Beyond Doctor Who MTG set, Dinosaurs in Space is a 7/7 MTG dinosaur card that costs six mana to play (one red, one white, and one colorless). It has Vigilance and Trample, and other dinosaurs you control get +1/+1 as well as Vigilance and Trample.

Dinosaurs in Space also has Suspend. Pay its cost of five mana (one red, one white, and three colorless), and you can exile the card with four time counters on it. Whenever a time counter is removed from the card while it’s exiled, you create a 2/2 red-and-white Dinosaur token with Flying and Haste.

MTG card price graph from TCGPlayer

Time counters were plentiful in the MTG Doctor Who set, and we’ve seen some new cards sporting the same keyword in the upcoming Lost Caverns of Ixalan. For example, check out this Mayan Calendar MTG card that makes you lose 1,000 life.

With the MTG Lost Caverns of Ixalan release date set for November 17, plenty of new dinosaur MTG cards will be in play (there’s even a dino-dedicated MTG Ixalan Commander deck). It’s no wonder, then, that trading card game fans are hunting down existing dinosaurs to add to their decks.

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