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MTG March of the Machine completes 19-year artifact card cycle

The Mirran sword MTG card cycle will be completed in March of the Machine - according to Mark Rosewater, the final Dimir sword will be in the set

MTG March of the Machine artwork showing the MTG card sword of fire and ice

Upcoming Magic: The Gathering set March of the Machine will complete the Mirran swords cycle that began in 2004, according to MTG head designer Mark Rosewater. The tenth and final ‘Sword of’ card will appear in the set, based on Rosewater’s set teaser, posted on Tuesday.

As well as some interesting titbits about Phyrexian and non-Phyrexian creatures, Rosewater’s teaser says that “the tenth __ & __ sword” will appear in the MTG March of the Machine set. This cycle of equipment MTG cards is 19 years old now. It’s been around since the original Mirrodin block from 2003, with new cards for it revealed every few years.

Each of the Mirran swords provides protection from two MTG colors, and has two abilities, one for each. For instance, one of the first Mirran swords, Sword of Light and Shadow, lets you gain life (white) and resurrect a creature (black) when its wielder deals combat damage to a player.

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There’s only one MTG color combination left now, after Phyrexia All Will Be One recently gave us the red-green sword, so we can say with certainty that it’s now the Dimir (blue-black) sword we are waiting for. Sword of Secrets and Lies? Sword of Puddles and Shadows? Sword of Sneaky Bastards?

The Mirran swords usually show up in sets related to the Phyrexians, so it makes sense for the cycle to be completed in the finale of the Phyrexian plotline. In February’s Phyrexia set, we saw the Gruul Sword of Forge and Frontier, a card that had been designed by a fan before Wizards got to it!

Of course, we say the cycle will be completed, but just because the 10 colour pairs have been ticked off, doesn’t mean we won’t get any more ‘Swords of’ cards. Wizards made a joke-y Swords of Dungeons and Dragons card for an unset previously, and could easily add to the pile with a colourless/multicoloured sword.

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