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MTG meets mosh pit as fans play at death metal concert

Is playing Magic: The Gathering in the middle of a metal mosh pit the latest trend? Probably not, but it’s weird it happened twice.

MTG metal mosh pit - Wizards of the Coast art from Secret Lair version of Tevesh Svat

In case you didn’t know, metalheads are pretty nerdy. Case in point – a couple of moshers have been spotted showing love for Magic: The Gathering at a live music event. Video footage from a Frozen Soul concert on October 29 shows fans sitting in the center of a mosh pit, playing MTG to the sound of death metal.

The video was posted by Twitter user DumpsterJesus on Sunday, and the band was quick to share the footage. “Someone held up a Magic deck in the pit and I made someone play him while everyone else circle pit around them”, Frozen Soul says on Twitter. The band has also claimed it’s open to collaborating on playmats and MTG Secret Lairs.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen an MTG mosh pit, oddly enough. Back in January, trading card game fans were spotted playing games at a Machin3G1rl show. Music fans even mustered to retrieve cards when the decks got knocked over.

It’s tough to tell what MTG format is being played from the Frozen Soul footage, but further details can be discerned from a second video posted on Twitter by G59PARK. The two-player game appears to be a battle of two black decks. Also, the internet is very stressed about the fact the cards are unsleeved.

The official Magic: The Gathering Twitter account seems less stressed and more impressed by the unorthodox game. “Now that’s a gathering!”, it replies to Frozen Soul on Monday.

There’s not much metal coming up in the MTG release schedule, but you can find some heavy-looking art in the recent MTG Secret Lair Fall drop. And, if you’re a fan of tabletop RPGs like DnD, here’s a metal playlist we built based off one of the latest Pathfinder books.

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