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Final Modern Horizons 3 spoilers include sweet $30 reprint

The last few Modern Horizons 3 spoilers come trickling in, and among them is an excellent reprint: the artifact card Urza's Incubator.

MTG art showing Urza in his lab

We’re coming to the end of the Modern Horizons 3 spoiler season. With all the regular cards from the set finally revealed, we’re only waiting on a couple Commander decks to emerge. Among the final few spoilers were some choice reprints, including the powerful and expensive artifact card Urza’s Incubator.

A mighty card in the Commander format, Urza’s Incubator has always hovered around $30 – $40 on the secondary market. That’s because the effect of this card, reducing the cost of any chosen MTG creature type, will never go out of style.

Urza’s Incubator is highly valued by players with tribal decks built around one particular type of creature. For these decks, this artifact can shrink the mana cost of all the dragons, dinosaurs, wyrms, or MTG changelings they’re running, and is therefore one of the best pieces of ramp available for them (even though it technically doesn’t generate any mana).

The MTG card Urza's Incubator

However, many fans aren’t willing or able to pay over $30 for one single card out of the 99. They instead go for cheaper alternatives like Herald’s Horn or Semblance Anvil. Here’s hoping this Modern Horizons 3 version will be printed in significant quantities, so that it drives the price down, making the card more accessible to more players.

Urza’s Incubator was actually reprinted rather recently. We thought it was one of the best cards in Dominaria Remastered back in January 2023. At the time, the compilation set shaved about $20 off Urza’s Incubator. But it didn’t become what we’d call affordable, partly because it was upshifted to Mythic rarity, and partly because Dominaria Remastered just didn’t seem to be all that popular.

But, unless we’ve seriously misjudged the general sentiment, there’s no risk that Modern Horizons 3 will even be comparable to Dominaria Remastered in terms of sales.

Packed with high power cards like the Eldrazi titans, plenty of new MTG commanders for the EDH crowd, and some juicy combo potential, it could very well give Modern Horizons 2 a run for its money – and that was the best selling Magic set of all time until very recently.

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