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Sideboard MTG card sees 300% price spike from Modern play

Magic: The Gathering players seem to be sneaking Commandeer into more MTG Modern decks, and the price is soaring on secondary markets.

MTG card Commandeer art from Wizards of the Coast

The Commandeer MTG card has seen a dramatic rise in price on secondary TCG markets. On TCGPlayer, its value swelled by over 300% between October 11 and October 22, increasing to $21.36 (£17.61). MTGGoldfish saw a similar rise of 130%, with the price currently sitting at $34.53 (£28.47).

Commandeer is a blue Instant that allows you to gain control of a target non-creature spell and give it new targets. It normally costs seven mana, but you can instead exile two blue cards from your hand to cast it for free. The idea here is that you shrink your hand to quickly take control of a powerful artifact, sorcery, or MTG planeswalker played by your opponent.

MTG card Commandeer

While it’s not clear why this card has spiked in the last few days specifically, it’s the card’s popularity in MTG Modern certainly has something to do with it. It’s mainly cropping up in the sideboard of decks that emphasize control and the Cascade keyword. Commandeer is on hand to take advantage of a match-up that features The One Ring, Karn, the Great Creator, or a similarly potent target.

300% is a hefty jump, but other MTG cards have seen even more bombastic spikes. Aetherworks Marvel recently saw a 500% price increase, and Chronomantic Escape blew that out of the water with a 650% jump. Fortunately, none of these cards are going to break the bank – and are nothing compared to the most expensive Magic cards.

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