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Legendary artifact MTG card shoots up in price by 500%

The Energy-making MTG card Aetherworks Marvel has seen its price shoot into the stratosphere, thanks to a new Commander deck reveal from last week.

MTG card art - a complex brass machine

The legendary artifact MTG card Aetherworks Marvel has had one of the largest and most sudden price spikes we’ve seen in weeks. From a measly $1.30 on October 19, this mythic rare Magic card from Kaladesh has multiplied in value several times over in just a couple of days, and now sits at $7.74. That’s a price increase of a considerable 495%.

Aetherworks Marvel generates Energy whenever one of your permanents enters the graveyard, and can then use that Energy to cheat out cards. It’s usually found in MTG commander decks with a sacrifice theme, or that can Proliferate the Energy counters to use its ability faster.

MTG card Aetherworks Marvel

The reason why the card has suddenly leapt in value is the reveal of the MTG Fallout commander cards that took place last week. These cards included the first commander to use the Energy mechanic: Dr. Madison Li. Suddenly, building a Commander deck with an Energy theme has become a hundred times easier, and thanks to the hype, the best Energy-focused cards, such as Aetherworks Marvel, are in hot demand.

In fact, while it’s the largest price movement we’ve seen, Aetherworks Marvel isn’t the only card spiking off the back of the Energy craze. Gonti’s Aether Heart (a card which gains Energy for artifacts and can spend it on extra turns) has also doubled in price, going from $1.9 to $4.25.

It remains to be seen if these cards will continue to rise, and indeed whether their higher price point will last all the way up to March 2024, when the Fallout decks are released.

Players have been waiting for an Energy commander for a long while now before this solution came from Universes Beyond. We remember there being distinct disappointment when March of the Machine gave us a Kaladesh Gremlin precon, Tinker Time and it turned out to be a more generic artifact deck instead of the Energy theme many expected.

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