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MTG card price spikes 1,000% ahead of Modern legal reprint

Apparently Magic: The Gathering fans can’t wait for Kappa Cannoneer to be reprinted – the MTG card’s price has gone through the roof.

Kappa Cannoneer, an MTG card that’s seeing plenty of play in Legacy and Commander, has seen its price shoot up 1,009% in the past week. MTGGoldfish reported that the card was worth $1.10 on April 24, but the card’s value is $12.20 as of May 2. TCGPlayer saw a similar spike, with Kappa Cannoneer’s price increasing from $2.29 to $9.71 in the same period.

Kappa Cannoneer is a six-mana blue artifact creature with Improvise and Ward 4. Whenever an artifact you control enters the battlefield, you give Kappa Cannoneer a +1/+1 counter, and it can’t be blocked on that turn. Combine this with the Ward MTG keyword, and the 4/4 is a pretty potent threat.

MTG Kappa Cannoneer card by Wizards of the Coast

Thanks to recent Modern Horizons 3 spoilers, we know that Kappa Cannoneer is getting a reprint in the June MTG set. Apparently, though, many Magic: The Gathering fans can’t wait that long. Instead, they’re buying up copies of Kappa Cannoneer before the MTG release schedule can spit out a new one.

Players seem pretty confident that this card will go nicely in their MTG Modern decks once it becomes legal. Plus, the spike is likely helped by the card’s popularity in MTG formats like Commander and Legacy. Kappa Cannoneer has been a rising star for Legacy in particular – MTG designer Gavin Verhey even gave it a shoutout in a Good Morning Magic video last week.

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“Kappa Cannoneer broke out in Legacy, which was definitely not our intention, and then it really was impossible to kill”, he says in the above video. “Oops.”

Verhey discusses how impactful Ward has been in Magic, and he says it might be a little too powerful at the moment. Odd, then, that Wizards plans to bring a major Ward card to Modern. We’ll see how that plays out when Modern Horizons 3 releases this summer.

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