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Morningtide MTG card spikes with 270% price rise

The MTG card Notorious Throng has more than tripled in price - thanks to synergy between this faerie tribal sorcery and a popular Eldraine commander.

MTG card Faeries flying around

The MTG card Notorious Throng has crept steadily upwards in price over the last month, rising from a measly $1.50 to a much more respectable $5.90, according to MTG Goldfish’s price tracker. That’s an increase of 270%, and while it’s still a fairly cheap rare, the card shows little sign that it’s reached its peak value just yet. It began rising shortly before the release of Wilds of Eldraine on September 8, which makes sense, since this card is all about faeries.

A Lorwyn card released in the MTG set Morningtide, Notorious Throng is a tribal sorcery that makes faerie rogues, creating more of them the more damage you do to your opponents that turn. The card’s actually designed to interact with the rogue MTG creature type rather than faeries specifically. If you hit your opponent with a rogue before casting it, you can pay the steeper ‘prowl’ cost, which turns the card into an extra turn spell, while still netting you a load of tokens.

The MTG card Notorious Throng

The reason for this Magic: The Gathering card’s rise in price is fairly obvious. Copies have been snapped up by players looking to find upgrades for the Fae Dominion precon deck, which released alongside Wilds of Eldraine. It looks like the card’s best placed when using the secondary MTG commander from the deck, Alela, Cunning Conqueror, since she makes faerie rogue tokens herself, which you can use to trigger prowl.

Is it just fans building Alela MTG Commander decks that’s caused this card’s price to rise? Pretty much, yeah. While not landing the starring role in her own precon deck, Alela is a standout Wilds of Eldraine commander, with over 2500 decks logged on EDHREC (to Tegwyll’s measly 775). The Selesnya enchantment precon commanders are less popular than either faerie, which just goes to show the immense popularity of this tricksy tribe.

MTG card Alela Cunning Conqueror

Notorious Throng is not the only faerie to do well out of Wilds of Eldraine. We spotted it early on, but are still impressed by Mistbind Clique’s jump from $4.50 to a whopping $33. Stay tuned for more Magic: The Gathering price stories, or check out our list of the most expensive MTG cards of all time. Or if you prefer freebies, check out these MTG Arena codes.