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Gigantic MTG card from Strixhaven sees 150% price spike

The MTG card Magma Opus is ratcheting up in price due to its performance in Pioneer, the eight mana spell rising 150% in just the last week.

MTG price spike - artwork showing a flurry of elemental magic, forming a gigantic ice elephant

The MTG card Magma Opus has seen a major price rise this week, soaring up to $13. It cost $5.20 just seven days ago, so that’s a tasty 150% price spike.

The card came out quite recently, in the MTG set Strixhaven, and features a ridiculous effect to go with its ginormous converted mana cost. It can also be discarded for treasure. In its time, Magma Opus has seen some play in both Standard and Commander, but it’s Pioneer that’s behind this particular price movement.

Magma Opus is a crucial card for the Pioneer deck Izzet Creativity. It’s valued, first of all, for its secondary ability to make treasure. Once you’ve ditched a Magma Opus or two into the yard, you then use the deck’s namesake card, Indomitable Creativity, to destroy the treasure and fetch up a free creature. If you build your deck so that this always fetches Torrential Gearhulk, then you get to play Magma Opus, with its potentially game-winning effect, from your graveyard for free!

MTG decks running this strategy will likely need four copies of Magma Opus, and since it’s a mythic card, that’s likely to cut into supplies pretty swiftly. A recipe for a price spike!

Another interesting price rise we’re seeing right now involves the new Nissa creature from MTG March of the Machine Aftermath. Meanwhile, over in Standard, Chandra and Breach the Multiverse are seeing some significant movement.

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