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Lorwyn MTG card spikes by 350% due to Commander play

The MTG card Wren's Run Packmaster has soared in price because it plays very well with one of the best Murders at Karlov Manor commanders.

MTG Lorwyn elf with a donkey

The green MTG card Wren’s Run Packmaster has more than tripled in price. While it won’t break the bank at its current value, in the last couple of months the card’s jumped from $0.80 to $3.60, and increase of 350%. And its rise has quickened – the card has doubled in value in the past week.

But despite this, it’s not the most recent MTG set that has caused the Packmaster to spike. Rather, a Murders at Karlov Manor card is the culprit behind this particular price shift.

MTG Wrens Run Packmaster

That card is Voja, Jaws of the Conclave, a wolf and elf MTG commander that has proven very popular, thanks to its synergy with both creature types and infuriating MTG Ward ability.

Most people play Voja as an elf commander, because MTG elves have many more powerful cards and a lot more interlinking synergy than the wolf creature type. Voja can make a board full of elves very scary, very fast, by throwing tons of +1/+1 counters onto each one. But it does help to have a couple of wolves in the deck for extra card draw.

The MTG card Voja, Jaws of the Concalve

So what better for this deck than an elf that makes wolves? Wren’s Run Packmaster can not only make wolf tokens for three mana, brilliant if you’ve fallen behind and need to refill your hand swiftly, it also gives all your wolf tokens deathtouch. You do have to Champion an elf to play the card, which is a downside. But you get the elf back when the Packmaster dies, so there’s at least the potential to take advantage of ETBs.

While most of our attention is taken up by Outlaws of Thunder Junction right now, where an infinite combo has just been found in one of the MTG Commander precon decks, there are still a few spikes coming from Karlov Manor. For instance, this enchantment is rising in price thanks to the new Massacre Girl.