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New Hydra MTG Secret Lair is exclusive to local game stores

'Calling All Hydra Heads' is a new hydra-themed MTG Secret Lair coming out early December - and it'll only be available from your LGS.

MTG Secret Lair - a big pink pile of hydra and eyeballs

There’s a new MTG Secret Lair coming out that’s exclusive to Wizards Play Network stores. The ‘Calling All Hydra Heads’ Secret Lair will be available from December 8. It features five Hydra-related cards (and one Hydra token) each illustrated in the psychedelic, colorful style of artist CatDirty.

This MTG Secret Lair drop contains the following Magic: The Gathering cards:

  • Zaxara, The Exemplary
  • Unbound Flourishing
  • Primordial Hydra
  • Hydroid Krasis
  • Gargos, Vicious Watcher
  • 1 Hydra token

MTG Secret Lair - all cards from the Calling All Hydra Heads Secret Lair

The most expensive MTG cards in the set are Unbound Flourishing, valued at $10, and Primordial Hydra, which costs $8. The total value of the cards in this Secret Lair is $23.79. We don’t yet know the price this collection will be sold at. Regular Secret Lairs generally cost $29.99 or $39.99 for foil copies. As always, the value of this set depends – at least on part – on how much you like the unique artwork.

This is actually the third Secret Lair to be illustrated by CatDirty. The artist also lent their pen to Mycoloth from the Welcome to the Fungal Secret Lair and Siege Rhino from the 2022 Secret Lair advent calendar.

Wizard of the Coast says WPN stores in the Latin America and Asia-Pacific regions (apart from Japan) will not be able to purchase the Secret Lair from distributors “due to logistical constraints”. However, premium WPN stores in these affected regions will receive five copies of the Calling All Hydra Heads Secret Lair for free.

This is the second Secret Lair of 2023 to be sold only through WPN stores. The first was More Borderless Planeswalkers, from March 2023, which featured MTG Planeswalkers in the black-and-white manga style seen in Phyrexia All Will Be One.

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