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MTG Thunder Junction spoilers include fantastic $43 reprint

One of the newly revealed MTG Outlaws of Thunder Junction cards is a much-needed reprint for the expensive dragon Terror of the Peaks.

MTG Thunder Junction art showing a big scary dragon

We’re always looking out for sweet reprints in each new preview season, and the MTG Thunder Junction spoilers flying our way include a doozy. The Core Set 2021 Dragon card Terror of the Peaks is back, with great new art by Joshua Raphael.

Not just one of our favorite MTG Thunder Junction reveals, Terror of the Peaks is one of the best MTG Dragon cards ever printed, which is why it has risen up in price to a sizable $43 (going by MTG Goldfish prices). Players really love throwing this guy in their dragon-based Commander decks, and we can see why.

First off, Terror of the Peaks has a nice MTG Ward ability (it’s not called Ward because that keyword wasn’t invented at the time, but that’s basically what it is). That makes it a little more painful to. Secondly, like all good dragons, this is a massive flying creature that can put pressure on opponents, attacking in the air.

MTG Thunder Junction card Terror of the PeaksThirdly, and most importantly, Terror of the Peaks can throw damage around to an absurd degree. Combined with token generators, blink effects, or just playing a lot of big stompy creatures, Terror of the Peaks can easily be a game-defining card.

The only sad thing about this card appearing on Thunder Junction is there’s now a little less room for badass scorpion dragons. We’re very excited to see what Akul is like when his legendary creature card is revealed, and at least Magda can make scorpion dragon tokens.

MTG Thunder Junction art showing a scorpion dragon

There are other decently expensive reprints showing up in Outlaws of Thunder Junction’s selection of ‘Special Guests’. These include Scapeshift, Stoneforge Mystic, and Brazen Borrower.

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