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These MTG card prices fell 50% in March of the Machine reprint

The Multiverse Legends reprints from MTG March of the Machine have caused several Magic: The Gathering cards to halve in price on secondary markets.

MTG Multiverse Legends prices - Wizards of the Coast art of Aurelia, the Warleader

Several Magic: The Gathering cards have seen a significant drop in price thanks to the ‘Multiverse Legends’ bonus sheet found in March of the Machine. Skithiryx the Blight Dragon is one card that’s become far cheaper since the sheet’s reprints started to circulate. According to secondary market MTG Goldfish, the card’s value dropped from $38 to $17 – around 55%.

A bonus sheet is a collection of reprinted MTG cards that are given a fresh treatment and released with a new MTG set. These sheets are often thematic, and March of the Machine’s is no different. This bonus sheet represents heroes from across the different planes who come together to battle the MTG Phyrexians.

Skithiryx isn’t the only Multiverse Legend who’s become more affordable, either. Sheoldred, Whispering One has fallen from $15 to around $7, a drop of around 53%. Aurelia, the Warleader also dropped 50% from $11 to $5.50. Meanwhile, Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger fell 43% from $14 to around $8.

MTG Multiverse Legends prices - Wizards of the Coast Magic The Gathering card, Skithiryhx, the Blight Dragon

Other reprints have seen price drops, but these have been a little less dramatic. Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer is one of the more valuable cards from the bonus sheet (and it’s already been preemptively banned from MTG Arena thanks to its power). MTG Goldfish reckons the card’s still worth $65, which is only a $2 drop from the version found in Modern Horizons 2.

We’re currently part way through the prerelease for March of the Machine. Because of this, the price of these cards is likely to change. For now, it seems like a good time to hunt down some affordable reprints for your MTG decks.

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