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Bounty on MTG One Ring rises to $2 million and a paella

The highest offer on the One Ring MTG card is now more than $2 million, plus a tasty Spanish paella, after a European store's whopper bid.

MTG One Ring in a treasure horde

02/08/2023 The MTG One Ring has now been sold, to rapper Post Malone, for an unknown sum.

The bounty on the unique 001/001 One Ring MTG card is now over $2 million, after a new bid placed by a Spanish game store. As of Monday, June 12, The Valencian store Gremio de Dragones (Dragons Guild) is offering €2 million (Euro) for the sought after MTG Lord of the Rings artifact.

That’s $2,162,990, more than double the $1 million price previously placed on the Magic: The Gathering card. The WPN store also plans to throw in a free Valencian paella rice dish as part of the bargain.

The bidding war for the One Ring Lord of the Rings card has been a swift affair. Only two weeks ago, football star Cassius Marsh threw down the gauntlet with the first serious offer of $150k. Now we’ve topped $2m, and no one knows quite what the ceiling will be for this Universes Beyond card.

MTG One Ring card advert in Spanish offering 2 million euros

Already, it’s the most expensive MTG card of all time – easily beating out Black Lotus and other MTG Reserved List cards. That’s because it’s so exceedingly rare. As there’s only one card just like it being printed, Amazon suggests your chances of finding it in a single booster pack are 0.00003%. That means you’re literally more likely to be struck by lightning than find the unique One Ring card.

Now the Lord of the Rings One Ring has been found, and it’s been sold too, going to rapper Post Malone, who bought the previous most expensive MTG card.

Sadly we don’t know if Post Malone’s offer came with tasty treats attached, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled. Until then, check out our MTG release schedule guide for all the dates you need to know, and our MTG Arena codes guide for free packs and cosmetics.