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MTG Cats and Dogs deck sells out, fans pay 160% more second-hand

Second-hand sellers add a major markup to the Raining Cats and Dogs Commander deck, after MTG fans claim it sold out in six hours.

MTG Raining Cats and Dogs art of a cat playing with a Sol Ring

The highly coveted MTG Raining Cats and Dogs deck sold out quickly on the Secret Lair website, and it’s already re-appearing on secondary markets with a significant mark-up. TCGplayer shows sales from January 23 where the Magic: The Gathering Commander decks were sold for up to $400 (£315.35) – 160% more than its original $150 (£118.26) price tag.

The Raining Cats and Dogs Secret Lair features as many puppies and kittens as you could expect to cram into an MTG Commander deck. It features MTG lands filled with art of adorable animals, plus double-sided cards that let you choose between cat and dog art. Rin and Seri, Inseparable head the pack as the deck’s Commander.

MTG Raining Cats and Dogs art of a field full of dogs

Raining Cats and Dogs went on sale on January 22, and several fans online claim that US stock sold out within six hours. Given that Wizards of the Coast recently scrapped its print-to-demand model for a limited run of each MTG Secret Lair, this news is disappointing for many, but not exactly surprising.

While we’ve previously voiced concerns that this change mainly benefits scalpers, Wizards of the Coast says the limited runs aim to reduce delivery times for customers. Those lucky enough to have nabbed a Cats and Dogs Commander deck can expect it to ship on February 12.

EBay listings for the MTG Raining Cats and Dogs Commander deck

For the less lucky, the only option right now is secondary markets. TCGPlayer currently estimates the market value of the deck is $392.99 (£310.27), though it has no listings on sale at the time of writing. Ebay is full of listings, however, with sellers looking for prices between $250 (£197.42) and an eye-watering $600 (£473.81).

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