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The new MTG Secret Lair Transformers still can’t transform

Wizards of the Coast previews three new Transformers MTG Secret Lairs - these reskinned cards promise to be more than meets the eye

MTG Secret Lair Transformers card art of Megatron, a robot armed with a gun

In a preview article published by Polygon on Wednesday, Wizards of the Coast revealed the contents of three new Magic the Gathering Secret Lair drops, containing classic MTG cards reskinned with art from the Transformers universe. You can order the MTG Transformers Secret Lair packs directly from the WoTC website, starting 9am PST on December 5 – as with all Secret Lairs, you will only have a limited window to submit an order.


Unlike the Transformers cards we saw in the MTG Brothers’ War collector boosters, which had original card designs, these new ones are all reskins of existing Magic cards. Where the cards have been given a custom Transformers-themed title, you’ll find the Magic Card name underneath. Wizards of the Coast first used this formatting for the Godzilla themed reskins of giant monsters in the Ikoria MTG set.

Wizards previewed three MTG Secret Lairs in the Polygon article, which reports that the sets will cost $29.99 each for regular printings, or $39.99 for foils.

Transformers: Optimus Prime vs. Megatron

  • Blightsteel Colossus – Megatron, robot form
  • Blightsteel Colossus – Megatron, tank form
  • Darksteel Colossus – Optimus Prime, robot form
  • Darksteel Colossus – Optimus Prime, transporter form
  • Doubling Cube – The AllSpark, Decepticon variant
  • Doubling Cube – The AllSpark, Autobot variant

This is the only one of the Secret Lairs with creatures in it, and neither of them transform in-game. Instead, there are different art variants of Megatron and Optimus Prime to represent their different modes. Blightsteel Colossus – represented by both the Megatron variants – is a powerful staple for any MTG Commander deck, and one of the best MTG indestructible cards out there.

Transformers: Roll Out or Rise Up

  • True Conviction
  • Dramatic Reversal
  • Fabricate
  • Collective Brutality
  • By Force
  • Greater Good

Transformers: One Shall Stand, One Shall Fall.

This set contains five basic lands with Transformers themes. It appears that this will be another Secret Lair with just five basic land cards, not card sets. You can read the original Polygon article here.

If you don’t appreciate paying $30 for five basic MTG Lands, treat yourself to our list of MTG Arena Codes and get some free booster packs. Alternatively, check out the best MTG Arena decks you should be playing right now.