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Wizards of the Coast will pay you to scrutinise MTG cards

Magic: The Gathering publisher Wizard of the Coast is looking for a 'Magic Editor'

Magic: The Gathering Wizards of the Coast a Planeswalker casting a spell

Magic: The Gathering publisher Wizards of the Coast is on the lookout for a dedicated editor to scrutinise the language, layout, and tonal consistency of the trading card game’s upcoming releases. Listed on Wizards’ online jobs board, the ‘Magic Editor’ will be responsible for choosing and critiquing all the text that’s released into the Multiverse, and might possibly have the best job title in the entire games industry.

It looks to be very much an editing job, rather than a writing or design gig, so you’ll get to exert the full force of editorial influence that comes with the position. As the description outlines, you’ll be proofreading and copy editing Magic sets and other “associated assets” for clarity and accuracy. Ultimately, however, you’ll have a hand in collaboratively editing entire set releases – that’s a lot of responsibility over the game.

Wizards says they’re looking for someone with a “love of language, mastery of grammar, drive for consistency, and knowledge of Magic”. You’ll also, presumably, have to be prepared to read lots and lots of MTG cards, day in, day out, although we reckon there’s a fair number of Magic fans who’d quite happily be paid to critically analyse new cards across a working day.

Check out the job here. No salary is listed, mind, but being able to say you were once a Magic Editor at Wizards of the Coast might be as enticing to fans of the game, as it is confusing to those who’ve never played it.

Not only is change occurring at Wizards HQ, but things are afoot on the player side of Magic: The Gathering, too. The first MTG Secret Lair Commander deck was revealed a couple of weeks ago, introducing the EDH format to the game’s line of premium boxed sets for the first time, alongside a new card type, and some truly psychedelic alternate artworks.

Magic: The Gathering Wizards of the Coast Liliana Vess walking through a dark forest

Before that, though, the big thing happening in the world of MTG was the reveal of Innistrad: Double Feature. Packing more cards than anyone expected, the first set to release in 2022 was met with some fan disappointment over its size and curation. MTG’s head designer even responded to player concerns, suggesting the set’s presentation could have been handled better.

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