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Finally, One DnD has a proper release date

We now know when the next edition of Dungeons and Dragons is going to drop, as Wizards of the Coast reveals the dates for six upcoming books.

One DnD - a woman with glasses looking at a magical scroll

Wizards of the Coast has given dates for the next year’s worth of DnD books, taking us all the way to February 2025. Most importantly among those book details are the release dates for the updated Player’s Handbook, Dungeon Master’s Guide, and Monster Manual, the three of which form a complete rules update previously referred to as One DnD.

These DnD books are not dropping all at once. Instead, their release will be staggered, with the PHB arriving earliest, and the Monster Manual not dropping until early 2025. The former is turning up in September, and min-maxing players should get ready to enjoy all the crunchy new DnD class updates on September 17.

Of the three new books in this not-quite-a-new-edition, it’s the Player’s Handbook that has the content we know the most about. Balancing the various classes and character options was the key focus of the eight Unearthed Arcana released throughout 2023. Among other sweeping changes, we can expect a stronger Archfey Warlock, a much-improved Monk, but, perhaps sadly, not Wizards who can make their own spells.

DnD vecna villain

After ensuring that the players are well-catered to, the DM must wait a couple of months for their goodies, as the new Dungeon Master’s Guide is slated for release on November 12, 2024. One change we can expect is the new Bastion system, a set of rules that concern setting up a home base for each player. Designer Jeremy Crawford has also teased an update to the encounter building system.

Finally, the Monster Manual is the last DnD book on the slate that we know about. It’s arriving on February 18, 2025. Fans can look forward to “the greatest selection of foes to face” with “more options at all levels of play”.

Before all of that though, there’s some other content to look forward to. For instance, the first upcoming book is Vecna: Eve of Ruin. It releases in just a few months’ time, on May 21. Wizards’ description gives a few more details about this book, centered around one of DnD (and Stranger Things’) most infamous villains.

It looks like after releasing Spelljammer and Planescape last year, the publisher is not finished with its multiverse shenanigans. This high level adventure spans multiple official DnD settings, from DnD Greyhawk to Ravenloft, as you struggle to thwart DnD Vecna’s plot.

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