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All the new Warhammer 40k Space Marine models from Nova Open

Games Workshop previews brand new models and refreshed classic kits for the Warhammer 40k Space Marine range, at the Nova Open gaming convention.

Warhammer 40k Space Marine Champion - a power-armored Space Marine with a golden helm wields a two handed blade in a guard stance.

Games Workshop has revealed eight new Warhammer 40k Space Marine kits, including multipart terminators, new scouts, and jump-pack equipped Primaris marines. The firm revealed the massive influx of new minis for its flagship Warhammer 40k faction on Wednesday, at the Nova Open gaming convention.

Space Marines already have the largest model range in Warhammer 40k, despite a recent cull of kits for classic “firstborn” marines. Not all of the kits revealed at the Nova Open represent new unit choices; the new Terminators and Sternguard Veterans are multipart counterparts to monopose models in the Leviathan launch box and current Warhammer 40k Starter Sets, while new Scouts replace a classic plastic kit.

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Games Workshop also revealed the new Space Marine Warhammer 40k Codex, and first hints at its contents.

Here are all eight new Warhammer 40k Space Marine kits revealed at the 2023 Nova Open:

Warhammer 40k Space Marine Jump Pack Intercessors - a pair of power armored warriors held aloft by jump packs, one a red armored Blood Angel armed with chainsword and plasma pistol, one a black-armored raven guard with power fist and hand flamer

Jump Pack Intercessors

Primaris Space Marines finally enjoy the aerial mobility of their firstborn brethren with new Jump Pack intercessors. Armed with bolt pistols and chainswords, this is a dedicated melee unit. The kit will include options to give one in five marines a plasma pistol, while the sergeant has the option to equip a power weapon, power fist, plasma pistol, or hand flamer.

Jump Pack troops have been a conspicuous absence from the Primaris marine line since it launched with eighth edition Warhammer 40k. The new models will be much in demand for Raven Guard and Blood Angels players.

Space Marine Captain with Jump Pack

Equipped with a jump pack and able to lead Assault Intercessors into battle, this model can be built with a choice of bolt pistol, plasma pistol, or hand flamer in one hand, and a power fist, relic blade, or chainsword in the other. No sign yet of the signature thunderhammer that made the infamous ‘smash captain’ such a terror during recent editions of 40k.

When assigned as a Leader to a Unit, he increases “the Strength of their melee weapons by one” whenever they “slam home” – we take that to mean the bonus will apply on any turn the unit charges.

Warhammer 40k Space Marine terminators - one armed with power fist and bolter , one equipped with a cyclone missile launcher, and closeup on a heavy flamer

Space Marine Terminators

The elite of the elite, Space Marine Terminators wear extremely heavy ‘Indomitus’ pattern tactical dreadnought armor. This new multipart kit offers the full range of specialist weaponry in the Terminator armory, including a cyclone missile launcher, heavy flamer, and chainfists.

The Warhammer Community post notes that this unit cannot build a unit of Assault Terminators: no lightning claws or thunderhammers to play with just yet.

Space Marine Terminator Captain

This multipart character kit offers new weapon options for the Terminator Captain, with options for a combi-weapon or storm bolter, and relic blade or power fist. The kit has some cosmetic options too.

Warhammer 40k Space Marine Terminator Chaplain - a priest in heavy terminator amor, wielding a Crozius arcanum and bolter, with a detail inset image showing a reilc shield

Space Marine Terminator Chaplain

Equipped with a crozius arcanum, plus either a storm bolter or relic shield, the Terminator Chaplain grants the unit he leads +1 to Wound in melee, and the core ability Feel No Pain 4+ against mortal wounds.

Warhammer 40k Space Marine sternguard veterans - warriors in power armor and tabards, one wielding a combi-weapon, another with a power fist and bolt pistol

Sternguard Veterans

A new multipart kit for Sternguard Veterans expands on the options available in the monopose kit from the Leviathan box set. The models have the choice of Sternguard bolt rifles or combi-weapons, with one optionally upgraded to a heavy bolter or “pyrecannon” – this looks like a very heavy flamer. The Sergeant can add a chainsowrd, power fist, or power sword to his loadout.

Warhammer 40k Space Marine Heroes of the Company - a squad of five power-armored warriors in heavily ornamented armor, one carrying a banner, another wielding a blade in two hands

Heroes of the Chapter

The Heroes of the Chapter box is a call-back to the classic Space Marine Command Squad. Players who started 40k with eighth edition may not remember that unit: it’s a bodyguard of veteran troops and specialists that accompanies a Captain. The new set contains a banner-bearing Company Ancient, melee-specialist Comapny Champion, plus two Company Veterans.

This is an elite unit: the Champion has both a master-crafter power weapon and the weapon ability Precision, allowing him to target enemy leaders while their bodyguard unit is still alive. The Ancient’s banner “helps with claiming objectives”, and the whole squad “penalises incoming Wound rolls while there’s a Captain in their midst”, reflecting its role as bodyguards.

Warhammer 40k Space Marine scouts - closeups on warriors in medium weight armor, showing a variety of specialist equipment, including a heavy bolter, missile launcher, sniper rifle, camo cloak

Space Marine Scouts

As Space Marine neophytes progress through their training they are assigned to their Chapter’s Scout Company. Though they lack the black carapace that enables full-fledged Space Marines to interface with power armor, Scouts are still superhuman warriors. They serve the Chapter by infiltrating enemy positions, gathering information, sabotage, and similar light infantry operations.

The new kit includes options for bolt guns or bolt pistols and close combat weapons, plus specialist equipment including a sniper rifle, missile launcher, and heavy bolter.

Warhammer 40k Space Marine Codex

Space Marine Codex

The new Space Marine Codex will include “seven unique sets of Enhancements, Stratagems, and Detachment rules”. Six of these new Warhammer 40k Detachments will “bear a distinct resemblance to the favoured doctrines of specific First Founding Chapters – the Ultramarines, the Imperial Fists, the Iron Hands, the Salamanders, the Raven Guard, and the White Scars”, but they won’t be locked to that Chapter.

The seventh detachment is the “First Company Task Force” which “represents the absolute elite of a given Chapter” – one for fans of Terminators and Veterans. Warhammer Community names its Detachment rule: “Extremis-level Threat” – but doesn’t hint at what it might do.

Though there’s a lot of new kits here, this feels like a range refresh rather than an expansion. While the Jump Pack Intercessors fill a hole that Primaris Space Marine collectors identified years ago, they were foreshadowed in gameplay trailers for the videogame Space Marine 2. This isn’t to downplay how solid these kits look: they’ll be great for newcomers to painting miniatures and veterans alike.