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Kobold Press has stacks of DnD books for sale in April

Tabletop RPG publisher Kobold Press is having a ‘Warehouse Moving Sale’, which means plenty of third-party D&D books are on sale for cheap.

DnD Kobold Press sale - Kobold Press image from the cover of City of Cats, showing a hyena person

Kobold Press, best known for publishing third-party DnD books, is having a huge sale ahead of a warehouse move. This means there are plenty of D&D 5e (and a few Pathfinder) supplements on sale, with some prices slashed by more than 50%. There are 25 RPG products available as part of the sale, and they’ll remain discounted until the end of April 2023.

For players looking to supplement their existing DnD campaigns, Kobold Press has books like the Creature Codex for DnD monsters, Unlikely Heroes for monstrous DnD character builds, Deep Magic for 5e spells, or the Vault of Magic for DnD magic items. There are also plenty of discounted adventures, some with new DnD settings. These include City of Cats and An Enigma in a Lost Maze by Richard Pett, Sersa Victory’s The Tomb of Mercy, and anthologies like Midgard Tales.

Each of the books for sale on the website comes in a range of formats, so the exact price differs depending on whether you prefer paper or hardbacks. It’s worth noting the PDF versions of these books aren’t on sale – which makes sense considering Kobold Press is looking to clear out its warehouse.

DnD Kobold Press sale image of Guides bundle

Kobold Press also has a bundle of ‘guide’ books on sale, too. It includes all 12 Kobold Press tabletop RPG guides, with work from authors like Richard Garfield and Margaret Weis. It would usually cost $138.88 (£111.46), but it’s currently on sale for $97.22 (£78.01). It’s not clear when this particular sale will end.

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