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DnD Lego set has nearly 4,000 bricks and its own one shot

Sound the horns! The DnD Lego set is finally here, and it’s a dragon-toting brick behemoth filled with Dungeons and Dragons Easter eggs.

DnD Lego set product photo

At long last, this year’s official Dungeons and Dragons Lego set has been revealed. The whopping 3,745-piece set appeared on the official Lego Store on March 19, and Lego Insider members will be able to order it from April 1. As for everyone else, you’ll have to wait ‘til the general sale on April 4.

Lego Ideas first put out the call for DnD Lego set designs in October 2022. The winner of the challenge was a fan design by Lucas Bolt, called ‘Dragon’s Keep: Journeys End’. In the original submission, we can see all the trappings of a classic DnD campaign – a tavern, a castle, a party of adventurers, and an enormous dragon.

DnD Lego set product photo

The updated version, renamed ‘Red Dragon’s Tale’, also comes with six minifigures. This includes an innkeeper, a Dragonborn, an Orc DnD Rogue, a Gnome DnD Fighter, an Elf DnD Wizard, and a Dwarf DnD Cleric. Brick-based monsters are featured too, with a Beholder, a Displacer Beast, and an Owlbear on display. All these bells and whistles will set you back $359.99 (£314.99).

To make this feel even more like D&D, Wizards of the Coast has partnered with Lego to release a free fifth-level adventure inspired by the set. According to D&DBeyond, “the players start in a tavern, uncover a sorcerer’s villainous scheme, and might have to face off against a fire-breathing foe”. You also have the option to play as you build, and it can be run “with or without the Dungeons and Dragons rules”.

DnD Lego set minifigures

If you want more D&D Lego (or maybe some cheap Lego options), we’ll also see a series of D&D minifigures release in September. Good news for anyone who’s been using Lego as DnD miniatures.

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