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AI builds the ‘perfect’ MTG deck, and it really loves elves

According to AI software Chat GPT, the ultimate Magic: The Gathering Commander deck is Abzan, and it’s stuffed to the brim with MTG elves

MTG AI Commander deck - Wizards of the Coast art for Magic card, Llanowar Elves

AI software like Chat GPT is being used for all sorts of tasks by tabletop fans, and Magic: The Gathering YouTuber Magic the Noah recently used it to create ‘the perfect Magic deck’. According to a YouTube video (see below) from March 8, Chat GPT thinks the best MTG Commander deck money can buy is green, white, and black – and is filled with as many MTG elves as possible.

Chat GPT suggests the best MTG Commander for the deck is Karador, Ghost Chieftain. “It says this was ‘a great choice’, meaning it absolutely picked the best possible option”, says Noah the Gathering in a voice thick with sarcasm. “The AI has spoken, and we will not disagree with it.”

The AI then instructs Noah the Gathering to create a deck with 40 creatures, five instants, six sorceries, five artifacts, five enchantments, one MTG planeswalker, and 38 lands. After this, Noah the Gathering asks Chat GPT to generate the specific cards in the Commander deck.

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Chat GPT seems a little confused throughout, but it’s got spirit. Sure, it keeps suggesting enchantments for the creature list and sorceries for the instant list, and yes, it did try to suggest illegally adding two Llanowar Elves. But it has some clear ideas about what should be in the deck.

The main thing it’s clear on is it needs lots of elves. After suggesting Llanowar Elves, Elves of Deep Shadow, Fyndhorn Elves, and Deathrite Shaman one after the other, Noah the Gathering comments: “For whatever reason, Chat GPT really likes elves”. “I could not tell you why”, he adds.

Chat GPT also has expensive taste. It suggests expensive Magic cards so often, Noah the Gathering begins adding “on a budget” to their prompts to avoid breaking the bank.

In the end, the AI deck also includes plenty of cards that sacrifice (with minimal cards to actually sacrifice), very few white creatures, some card draw, and basically no synergy with the deck’s Commander. Noah the Gathering ends their video with some wise advice for anyone who wants to automate their deck-building. “Chat GPT sucks; listen to me instead.”

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