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Bloomburrow has furry versions of top MTG Planeswalkers

The upcoming set MTG Bloomburrow has new versions of some fan-favorite Magic: The Gathering planeswalkers - Jace is a fox now, for instance.

MTG Bloomburrow Jace planeswalker as a fox

Some of the best-known MTG Planeswalker characters are appearing in Bloomburrow, the animal-themed world coming to Magic: The Gathering this summer… but in a very unusual form. Bloomburrow is a world with no humans – it’s anthropomorphized animals only. So in order to incorporate existing characters, Wizards of the Coast has recreated some well-known planeswalkers in animal form.

Art shown at MagicCon Chicago this weekend showed two of these animal MTG Planeswalkers. There’s Ral Zarek from Ravnica, reimagined as an otter, and Jace, in the form of a fox.

Fans who’ve paid close attention might be wondering why this MTG set seems to have at least two planeswalkers. After all, Wizards recently stated that there would only be one new Planeswalker card per set, and this was a major reason it began the Omenpath storyline. Could this mean that Jace or Ral were desparked, losing their planeswalker status?

MTG Planeswalker Jace as an otter

The answer, it seems, is no. Instead, it looks like Ral is the main planeswalker appearing in MTG Bloomburrow, while Jace is part of a bonus collection. The new otter-Ral will appear on the so-far unrevealed Planeswalker card Ral, Crackling Wit while fox-Jace is a part of a group of cards called Imagine: Courageous Critters.

Exactly what this ‘Imagine’ collection will be is unclear, but the most likely answer is some sort of bonus sheet (like March of the Machine’s Multiverse Legends) or an MTG Secret Lair. According to an article posted by Wizards of the Coast on February 23, these cards will “envision renowned Planeswalkers and creatures were they to visit the plane of Bloomburrow”.

MTG planeswalker Ral

Presumably this means other fan-favorite creatures and planeswalkers will be showing up in the set. Fingers crossed we get a super-weird fursona-form Eldrazi titan.

This isn’t the first time Jace has appeared as an animal on an official Magic: The Gathering card. Last year, Pro Tour qualifiers were able to win this cute kitty cat Jace promo card.

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