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MTG reveals its first Doctor Who Commander deck list

Wizards of the Coast reveals the first full Magic: The Gathering Doctor Who Commander deck – and Timey-Wimey looks like a top MTG product to watch.

MTG Doctor Who Commander decks - Wizards of the Coast art of the tenth doctor

A Wizards of the Coast blog post has revealed the first full look at an MTG Doctor Who Commander deck. The October 4 announcement details every card in the Timey-Wimey deck, a blue-red-white MTG Commander deck focused on the ninth, tenth, and eleventh doctors. If early buzz is anything to go by, this is a deck with cards worth chasing.

MTG Doctor Who Commander decks (images by Wizards of the Coast)

While we’d argue this MTG Commander deck takes the cake for featuring the best Doctor Who era (note: we’re very biased), there does seem to be real value in its cards. It’s too early to say for sure what the most valuable cards of the MTG Doctor Who set will be, but many contenders can be found in the Timey-Wimey decklist.

‘Everybody Lives!’ is a card that’s seen some early hype. For one white and one colorless mana, this Instant will give all creatures and players hexproof until the end of the turn. Creatures also gain indestructible, and no one can lose life this turn. Additionally, no one can lose or win the game for this duration.

It’s a cheap card to play that offers a heap of value, and it nips a lot of win/lose conditions in the bud. Reddit has taken to calling it “Teferi’s Protection at home”.

The red-white Fuse ‘Gallifrey Falls’ has also received praise ahead of the MTG set’s release, offering a double whammy of board wipe and board protection. Plus ‘Ominous Cemetery’, which adds removal to an MTG land, has a lot of ears pricked.

You can learn more about the Doctor Who Commander decks in Wizards of the Coast’s full blog post.

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