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Rare land MTG card sees surprising 120% price spike

The MTG card Mirrex started out as a useless rare, but lately it's spiking in price after finding its way into multiple Standard decks.

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It’s fair to say that when Phyrexia All Will Be One came out in early 2023 nobody was excited to be opening a Mirrex. This rare’s value flatlined immediately post-release and it’s been a $1 bulk rare for most of its life. But now this MTG card has seen a major price increase, jumping 117% in the past two weeks.

Mirrex cost $4.60 around Christmas day, and started to really rise at the end of December. It’s now spiked significantly, soaring to $10 as of January 8, according to MTG Goldfish’s price tracker.

This MTG land card’s main effect is that for three mana it can produce a 1/1 Phyrexian Mite token that has Toxic 1 but cannot block. While it’s colorless, it can produce mana of any MTG color on the turn it comes down, providing just that little bit of extra versatility in a multi-colored deck.

MTG card Mirrex

Mirrex has found a reasonable spot in a few different Standard decks, with Azorius Soldiers using it to occasionally push the last few points of damage through, and Dimir Midrange decks using it as a mana sink when there’s nothing worth countering. But the real reason Mirrex is spiking is the ascendancy of a new deck archetype: Bant Poison.

Bant Poison decks use aggressive Toxic creatures to start the poison death clock ticking, and can close out the game instantly with the sweet combo of March of Swirling Mist and Venerated Rot-Priest. While it’s too early to say if this deck is a passing fad or has serious staying power, it’s fast becoming one of the best MTG Arena decks.

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The weird thing about this deck is it uses no cards at all from late 2023, and could have been built pretty much as is the instant MTG Phyrexia All Will Be One came out. We suppose there just wasn’t a spot for it in the meta of the time.

We’re not yet sure if Mirrex is going to keep rising in price or is already on its way down again. One thing that might give its spike some staying power is another new deck which features it: Azorius Artifacts. This is a nifty new archetype that uses lots of craftable artifacts from Lost Caverns of Ixalan and throws in the ultimate Urza MTG planeswalker card from The Brothers’ War. It’s remained rather niche so far, but is nonetheless a really cool idea.

Magic: The Gathering’s Standard meta seems to be surprisingly malleable right now, given that there hasn’t been a fresh MTG set in a little while. Only last week we were talking about a price spike caused by Rakdos Midrange making a comeback. For more price stories, check out the most expensive MTG cards of all time.